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All "minor" versions will be free upgrades

TextMate 1.1, 1.2, and all following minor upgrades will be free to all registered users. This means that by buying now you’ve also secured the rights to get hold of SFTP integration, SVN/CVS support, and what other goodies we come up with in the 1.x line of releases.

So by registering TextMate, you’re funding the continued development of the product, and will be rewarded with all these new features as they become available.

Once the day comes for a major upgrade (such as TextMate 2.0), we’ll also make sure to have a very reasonable upgrade path in place.

Thanks to all that have already supported TextMate by registering. Your kind acts have had a powerful influence on our motivational energy and we’re working hard to return the favors by improving TextMate to the best of our abilities.

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