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FTP in TextMate? Tell them, not us!

TextMate 1.0.2 beta 3 implements the ODB Editor Suite standard for integration with other applications. This means that the developers of Transmit, Fetch, FTPeel, and other applications that offer ODB support, just need to add TextMate to their lists of applications and the integration will materialize.

We’re eagerly awaiting these developers to follow the leading example of ecto that already supports TextMate in their beta version. So if you’re impatient, do write the developers of your favorite FTP program and ask them for TextMate support. We’ll be cheering for you.

And many thanks in advance to the developers of all of these great applications for adding TextMate support. It’s much appreciated!

Update (2004-11-06): There is a wiki page to track the status of the miscellaneous programs. Please check this before you write the author of a given program, and update the page accordingly when/if you do.

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