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TextMate 1.0 is finally here!

We know that the wait has been excruciating and the longing unbearable, so we’re incredible proud and relieved to finally be able to say: It’s here!

TextMate was born out a personal frustration with the lack of a decent editor for code and markup on OS X. So TextMate is first and foremost a relief for that personal frustration. An editor that we could use to write C++, Ruby, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and any other programming or presentation language.

But as all of you that signed up for this mailing list showed us, we were not alone with our frustrations. The anticipation for the release has really been overwhelming, so we’re extremely happy to finally deliver.

That said, this is a 1.0 release. There will be rough spots, there most certainly will be bugs that our extensive testing hasn’t found yet, and there will be features missing that you’d wish were there. Hopefully, though, what is there will be promising enough that you’ll feel comfortable jumping on board from the start.

So we certainly respect your right to try before you buy, so for 30 days you can enjoy a completely unrestricted version of TextMate – without forced delays at start up or anything like that.

What we would appreciate, though, is that you register TextMate as soon as you decide it’s something for you. We’re currently building TextMate on a 733mhz G4. It takes 45 minutes for a complete build. It’s very painful and has been slowing down development considerably. The first registrations will go towards getting a dual G5 – so we can deliver TextMate 1.1 even faster!

Sincerely yours,
Allan Odgaard & David Heinemeier Hansson

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