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Software Patents

If you haven’t taken a stand on software patents or would like to see them brought to Europe: TextMate would hardly exist if all programs prior to its release had been able to get a patent on whatever new idea it “invented”.

Seeing my ideas cloned in a competing product is nothing compared to having limits imposed on what code I can write or what the code I write can do. So I was very happy to sign the “Thank you, Poland!” letter and would encourage others to do the same, if they appreciate the recent act by a government that seems to understand IT, unlike my own (text in Danish).

And of course happy holidays to all of you! It’s now 80 days since I released TextMate 1.0 and am very pleased to see the user activity which already surrounds it and the loyal user base which has been responsible for spreading the word. I’ve started work on TextMate 1.1 which will see some nice improvements, especially with regard to language awareness, but I’ll be sure to release betas throughout the process, which turned out to be a great success with the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 updates (much shorter feedback cycle for me). And just a reminder, all 1.x versions are free upgrades.

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