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Code browser plug-in

Gerd Knops has released version 1.0 of TmCodeBrowser:

TmCodeBrowser is a TextMate plugin designed to help navigating source files. It will parse any language known to the underlying Exuberant Ctags program (enhanced by a small script to also support Objective-C). It will present classes, subroutines etc. in a TreeView. Clicking on any entry will jump to the corresponding location in the source code.

My hat goes off to Gerd for putting this together and releasing it to the public!

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This is completely awesome. I downloaded it and it Just Works - it’s a very nice plugin indeed. Esp. if you have about 50 classes/functions to go filtering through.

(I deal with Python apps - so we know it works well with those!)

Awww, sweet. I saw this earlier today, but just installed it. It’s wonderful, but for one tiny problem: In Ruby, it lists both “foo” and “foo=” methods as “foo”, so you aren’t sure which method it’s going to navigate to. I assume this is an issue with exuberant ctags, but it’s still annoying. It’s not really a show-stopper though, so I’ll be enjoying it in the meantime.

Nice! And it handles my biggest gripe with TextMate - the Go to Symbol only seems to show my #defines in C (not functions as I was hoping). But they show up very nicely in the CodeBrowser.

Thanks for the pointer!

Fantastic! Great addition to TextMate Gerd.


14 November 2005

by Jan-Henrik

Nice! This give me a couple of ideas:

1) Use etags for simple code completion. Emacs have had this for years (http://www.linuxjournal.com/node/153/print) and it should be possible to use ideas from some of the code completion wrappers around etag in TextMate also.

2) I would love to see this code browser of Gerd as a pop up menu in the status bar just like the one in xcode. Its easier to access than having to open a code browser window.

Jan-Henrik: latest builds do have a symbol/function pop-up in the status bar. It’s not using ctags, but it works for most languages.

15 November 2005

by Oscar Ruitt

As with TextMate itself, I don’t see support for Ada or Octave (gnu Matlab). Any ideas?

16 November 2005

by Jan-Henrik

Thanks Allan. This works great for Java and Ruby. However I do most of my programming in plain C and it does not seems to work for this language. At best I only get a list of my #defines. The reason seems to be that the C bundle does not have a “Symbol List” entry? I tried to add the one used in the Java bundle with some changes, but that didn’t work. Suggestions?

Oscar: The svn repository has bundles for Ada and Matlab. You’ll need to perform a svn checkout of these two to ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles. Jan-Henrik: the C syntax at the repository has a complex rule to match C functions (so it’ll work from next build).

17 November 2005

by Jan-Henrik

Allan I downloaded the latest TM version and the symbol pop-up now works great with C also. Finally, syntax coloring of functions also works perfectly. It’s starting to get to the point where TextMate and not xcode will be my primary editor, only window split are missing :)

Ps. I changed the end of declaration.function.c in the C bundle to, ([{\n;]))’; This way function prototypes are also recognized.

Works great for regular languages, but I can’t get Actionscript to work in the browser

I’ve posted my tweak to get Actionscript files recognized here: http://www.dirtystylus.com/blog/2007/02/06/actionscript-support-for-tmcodebrowser/

Gerd was a big help in troubleshooting the AS issue. Big thanks to him again for putting out this plugin!

Awesome.. simply awesome..