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funny, on the reston ruby on rails studio list, someone just sent out a short tutorial on how to replace the splash with a rails logo.

How do you install a theme?

Drop your new themes in ~/Library/Application Suport/TextMate/Themes/

If the folders TextMate/Themes don’t exist create them.

Or you can double click the theme. This should both install and switch to the newly installed theme.

When I first attempted to install a theme (Sunburst), I double clicked the downloaded file only to discover that it opened as a text file using my previously selected theme (Espresso Libre). A Google search turned up a discussion about installing the Slate theme in the TextMate/Themes folder. I tried that and it worked. Double clicking is obviously a better paradigm, I’ll try it again.

I have tried out TextMate in the past, and was very fond of the ability to show/highlight trailing spaces.

I’m now using Version 1.1b17 (769) but the ‘invalid.trailing-whitespace’ scope doesnt seem to work.. :(

Am I doing something wrong here?

RB: the invalid.trailing-whitespace is something the language grammar needs to assign to trailing whitespace, using a rule similar to:

{ name = "invalid.trailing-whitespace";
   match = "\s+$";

Currently I don’t think any of the language grammars do that. The Python grammar used to do it, but it was disabled.

The reason that the sunburst one doesnt work is because it has .tmtheme.xml at end change it to .tmTheme.

Ok, sorry guys for problems with the Sunburst theme.
There were two things. My server did not deliver it as proper Mime Type but most browser would show it as text. Secondly the extension should have been .tmTheme rather than .tmtheme (sic!).
This is fixed now.

Anyway, hope you like it :)

I really love the way the [REVISION …]-Comment/-Head in the ReleaseNotes.txt spread it’s background-color over the whole width of the page.

I’d like to have something similar to ‘make sections’ in my CSS-Files; these often are long enought to wrap them around our Company, so it would be cool to have something like ‘supercomments’ which would behave live these cute REV-Stuff; e.g “/comment/” for head-comment, and “/comment/” for normal comment.

I often started to create something like that myself, but beeing just a Designer i didn’t get the trick to do so … Any hint, someone?


There is a good bunch of themes at tmthemes.com