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Elevating the standard

Since Bare Bones think that “These overnight text editors don’t reflect well on the genre or the platform” I thought I’d try to make it into my normal (beta) release routine to mention just a few of the things that TextMate is bringing to the platform, accompanied with a little movie.

I just released beta 3 which has two new productivity features. One is the ability to quickly go to a file in your project by hitting ⌘T and enter an abbreviation for that file (inspired by LaunchBar & Quicksilver) so e.g. type “td” for your “ToDo.txt”, a movie showing this in action is here. The abbreviation matcher for beta 4 will btw be much improved!

The other productivity feature that I personally have grown quite fond of is an extension to the column typing. Instead of overtyping the selection you can press ⌥⌘A to append to each line in the selection. This is not just useful for adding a trailing comma, period, semi-colon, </li>, or similar, but can also be used to type entire blocks of code as in this movie. So if you have a list of conditions, you can quickly type a skeleton body for each of these. The movie also makes use of snippets, auto-indent, auto-insertion of closing braces, and completion, which of course is also mirrored for each code block.

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“Overnight text editors” ???

Please! The last time I took a look at BBEdit, it felt like someone had formatted my PowerBook and put OS 9 on it! And my head just about exploded when I looked at the API for syntax highlighting.

TextMate actually feels like an OS X app, and I was able to whip up a basic ColdFusion syntax file for it in a couple of hours. Here’s hoping TextMate has many more “overnights” to come! One quarter the price and at least twice as good in my book. Keep up the good work!

I concur! BBEdit long ago stopped being appealing to me. But until TextMate arrived there were still features of BB that I just couldn’t live without. – Now though, I’ve negated all need for BB by installing TM! I never fire up BB anymore! =) … TextMate RULZ!!!!

LaunchBar style file opening ! You are a god ! I was going to suggest this as a feature. You have saved us thousands of boring hours clicking on triangles.

11 February 2005

by credenza

i’m liking that append to line :D

05 March 2005

by Anonymous

There’s a review of TextMate 1.0.1 on the MacWorld UK site… wasn’t too complimentary about BBEdit ;-)

There intresting… Thank’s

I’m a BBEdit user and I’ve been test driving TextMate. Just wondering how I might edit a file on a remote FTP server using TextMate like I do in BBedit? Also how do I save a file to an FTP server using TM? Surely there is a way to do this in TM, right? If not, what is the method most TM people are using for FTP? Command line ftp? Fetch?

Also, I’m fond of the Find Differences command in BBEdit? Is there a way to do this in TM? On this one I’m sure there must be some diff related comparison I just haven’t figured it out yet.

One last thing, and I’m sure there is an TM plugin for this (or something) but I just got Subversion working with BBEdit and there is a whole Subversion menu that BBEdit provides me. Is there an equivalent feature in TM?

Thanks for your reply,

Troy, as of right now you can’t FTP in TextMate, if you want to pay the best FTP client is probably Transmit, there is a very good alternative that is open sourcin which is CyberDuck. I don’t know what the SVN menu looks like in BBEdit but TextMate has the SVN bundle and also SVNMate just google around those terms and you’ll find them.