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Release 540 was Tiger only

Latest build broke Panther compatibility because I’d linked with libcurl version 3. Panther users should re-download (if they got a build which doesn’t launch).

Update: Seems I spoke too soon, and seems I can’t make a build on my Tiger system which doesn’t have this dependency… stay tuned…

Until the problem is fixed, here’s r528.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

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14 October 2005

by JBrickley

Split view? Or has this been pushed off for a 2.x release?

FYI, I know that NSSplitter is horrid but I found RBSplitView http://www.brockerhoff.net/src/rbs.html which you may wish to have a look at. Licensed under Creative Commons and the MIT license. So it’s useable in commercial applications. At the very least, have a look and consider improving it for your needs.

This 528 release still breaks under my copy of 10.3.9. I just a spinning ball and have to force quit. And since Textmate did the self-update thing, I don’t have a working copy. Any chance of posting the previous release?

All previous builds are linked to from the appcast.

But there are no reported Panther compatibility problems with release 528.

What it sounds like is, that you’ve edited a file over a network mounted drive, and that drive is unavailable. The system does (on rare occasions) go into that spin-mode on startup, when it tries to create the recent menu (this is out of my control).

To fix the problem, you need to clear the recent menu manually by executing the following in the shell (terminal):

defaults delete com.macromates.textmate NSRecentDocumentRecords

If that doesn’t fix it, please run the following and send me the report that it writes to /tmp, so that I can diagnose the problem:

sample TextMate 10

Thanks for the reply. It didn’t work, unfortunately - so I’ll send you the log.

I’d just like to add my support for a splitview functionality… Preferably “split-current” and several files at once…

18 October 2005

by Wintermute

It seems r567 is broken, at least on an Intel DTK 10.4.1 machine. When launch, it bounces once in the dock and then quits. No logs in the system log nor are any crash log files generated.

I have yet to try it on our 10.4.3 DTK at work, but wanted to mention this now in case others have seen the same problem.

I upgraded developer tools (from Xcode 2.1 to 2.2 Preview 2) for the latest build, so it’s not unlikely that 10.4.3 DTK is now required.

I would however think that this would cause a linker error to show in the console. I don’t have a DTK myself, but the few users I know are using one, haven’t complained yet.

21 October 2005

by Jay Soffian

Another vote and pretty-please with a cherry on top for split view.

ADD ONLINE EDITING nothing else matters. How can your editor be from the 21st century if I can’t even edit the files directly off SFTP or any othe form? People edit live code, on real servers, make it easy…. it’s the ONLY FEATURE YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON…

Thanks, 650 fixed my Panther woes.

CFK: I have been able to do this for months with Panic’s Transmit FTP app, setting TextMate to the default editor, works like a treat. You should probably get out a little more.