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RSS feed with latest build

I have created an RSS feed for the TextMate changelog which has the actual build (i.e. with the changes) as an enclosure.

The version string contains the build number and can be seen in the about window or by selecting Get Info from Finder.

There’s already an entry (in the feed) since the 1.1b17 release. It has some improvements wrt snippets, switching between tabs should be faster, and the problem with bundle items overriding menu keys (like the Insert closing tag) is solved (at least 99% of the time).

Currently these builds are for PPC only and does contain latest bundles from the subversion repository. If you’re on MacTel and would like to see an i386 build, add a request in the comments.

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Thanks for this!

The weirest thing just happened. Upon refreshing my newsreader, I decided to think 3 things at once:

  1. I wonder if the Macromates weblog has been updated.
  2. I wish there were an easier way to update my regularly updated software.
  3. Should I add the Macormates feed to my “signal” group in my newsreader?

Within seconds, this post appeared. This is timely, just timely.

Damn that’s awesome.

pretty cool… I was coming here to find out how hip people on the list like Sune knew about the latest builds… Guess I found it ;)


I have to say I liked it better getting automatic beta downloads from within TextMate (but I’m just lazy).

I’ll still do regular beta updates, but there’s a certain threshold (feature-wise) that I feel I need to pass before doing a beta release.

This threshold has grown a little, now that latest nightly is available.