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Christmas comes early this year. First documentation, and now there’s an official screencast for TextMate.

2006-01-24: The audio on the Python screencast has been improved using audacity (thanks to Haris Skiadas).

Go to iTunes and select Subscribe to Podcast… in the Advanced menu (using the link above), or just clicking the link should also work.

Here is a direct link to the first movie. It was recorded and narrated by Domenico Carbotta, the official Python evangelist on ##textmate.

Currently I don’t have a microphone, but I plan to get one, so I can also contribute to the feed. But user movies are more than welcome!

Some other movies using TextMate on the net:

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Wow, nice. That Python screencast made me realize I’ve been using textmate all wrong for my python development, D’oh!

Here is another one for CakePHP a MVC Framework for PHP


Sam D

16 December 2005

by domenico_c

well, actually some very smart features of textmate+python were introduced in the last release so… it wasn’t your fault, stuff just wasn’t there :)

Here’s one showing my build script for Flash projects running with output set to HTML (thanks Allan!):


I’d just love to know how he selected from one point on the line to the end (apparently) just using the keyboard.

Steven -

Is Shift-Cmd-Right what you need?

TextMate also supports the Emacs-style Ctrl-K (kill to end of line) and Ctrl Y (yank the killed text back). Interestingly, it does seem to use a separate buffer for this… the killed text doesn’t go into the clipboard.

It sure is, thanks.

28 December 2005

by iznogoud

About Jesse comment, I’m impressed too how I used textmate in a… not a wrong way, but, an other way. That’s amazing!

Well, now, if I loose my tab automation. Let’s say, I’m working with the init method, and I figured out I missed an argument, I’d like to use that tab thing again… I didn’t found out how to do it. Is there a way to do it?

iznogoud: you mean, so that if you later add an argument, the body of the constructor is updated?

There is no way to do that. It is something I do from time to time wish myself, i.e. more permanent snippet transformation mirrors. But I am not sure how to go about implementing it.

Perhaps control-tab (or some other tab combination) could be used to reactivate the snippet tabbing (I guess you’d need to be able to identify what kind of block you’re in) which would tab between the various sections of the snippet but wouldn’t hilight the already entered text (optionally?).

Hardest part seems identifying what kind of snippet you’re in.

29 December 2005

by iznogoud

./Allan: I meant that :) The problem might be having permanent snippet would take more memory to load them and keep them alive :/

Is it just me, or is the Python screencast extremely hard to hear?

I can’t hear it very well either. Desktop G5 internal speaker buried on “10”.

You could in fact turn up the volume in the quicktime window. For whatever reason the default volume slider is at a very low setting. So don’t adjust your mac’s volume, head to the quicktime slider, then it’s easy to hear.

It is hard to hear. I agree.

I have some Apple Pro speakers (you know the globes Apple sold me with my G4) … and I’ll admit they’re not the best in the world. But they’re better than what I heard.

In iTunes with the volume at … oh… around 8 of 10, Mac with volume maxed should be BLARING at me. Yet it was still too soft to make out several parts.

In Safari (QT plug-in), where the volume control was 9 of 10 (Mac volume still 10/10), it was better, but still not great… and that should usually have been loud enough to hear clearly from another room. :)

I don’t think it’s users speaker volume, but instead the gain on the recording – or possibly the distance Domenico was from the mic was too great.

Either way, it’s just disappointing that I should have to adjust my sound from a comfortable level for it. – No big deal maybe, but I just hope it’s improved before the next one is posted. That’s all. =)

Allan, I’d really like to see how you - or anybody - use TM with Xcode (I assume that your editor of choice when devekoping TM ;-). Either as a tutorial or as a screen cast.

I tried some time ago, but found it cumbersome to keep the Xcode and TM projects synchronised. Looking forward to reading the manual as I’m sure I’m missing out on many of the reasons for using TM as my Xcode editor.

15 January 2006

by Jackson Dieta

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15 January 2006

by Jackson Dieta

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I’ve got a screencast of a screenwriting bundle I’m creating. Check it out here.

Could be good if is was open source … but please that : “TextMate has been referred to as the culmination of Emacs (…)” is a joke ?

24 January 2006

by Bill Burcham

What software was used to capture the screencast (with voice)? I thought the sound quality was very good and I’ve been looking for the “right” screencast capture rig for quite a while.


if you are refering to the LaTeX screencasts, then I used SnapzPro to capture it, and then took the sound apart and used audacity to pump it up, before putting it together again with Quicktime Pro.

“Could be good if is was open source”

Took long enough for some monkey to start with that.

Thanks Haris. I’m hearing the same thing from everyone I ask. SnapzPro seems to have the consensus at least in the OS X Rails community (and surrounding suburbs).



Just another screencast.

This one shows my new Balance JR command


I want try this one, but waiting until my Mac Book Pro, coming

There are a bunch of new screencasts with TextMate in action at http://ollieman.net/code/screenwriting/textmate/

Awesome app. Ill be buying the full version as soon as my 30 day trial ends. 1 thing i was wondering is the snippet tool is awesome but is their anyway to have a strict data typing menu open as in Macromedia Flash when i type : after a variable? Thanks for creating an awesome application.

If you’re using Democracy Player (http://www.getdemocracy.com/) for your video/rss instead of iTunes you can subscribe to the textmate screencast by clicking “add channel” in the bottom left and replacing pcast:// with http:// in the screencast url when you paste it in.

An alternate payment method is necessary for those of us who don’t use Paypal.

Bob: You can pay with a credit card, PayPal is only providing the credit card transaction service. If that is not good enough for you, write sales at this domain.

Here is a new screencast by the symfony team showing TextMate in action:


I need in an alternative way of payment.

17 May 2006

by marios

I just purchased the app a couple of hours ago, fell in love with it.
This is my forth day with Textmate.
Watching the podcasts is a big help.
The manual and the help section is also very beneficial to dive into for all beginners.
Also downloaded all the bundles to gain a wider picture about how to customize everything, and created a couple of custom bundles.
Trying to figure out, how to create a language grammer.

Great app.


17 May 2006

by marios

Here is one screencast for beginners (like myself), that shows how to create and customize a snippet bundle for tabbing.


Note.:There is no sound though, since I don’t have the necessary equipment yet.

17 May 2006

by marios

Really Sorry, pasted wrong link above,
This is the correct one:


regards, marios

why should i buy textmate when i can use Emacs ?
What are the advantages of textmate compared
to Emacs ?

12 June 2006

by Stephen Musgrave

I tried to get/watch the Screenwriter Bundle Screencast but iTunes says it’s corrupted?

I also am anxious to see the Screenwriter Bundle in action, but I get the same error from iTunes when trying to download from the podcast:

“There was a problem adding ‘Screenwriting Bundle’ to iTunes.

The file might be corrupted, or a file type that iTunes cannot play.”

Thankfully, there seem to be demo movies at the home of the bundle:


I have included some screenshots of TextMate in my project site because it is the editor I use for Python development and I love it.

15 January 2007

by Scotsman

Excellent editor! Recommended for python and wxPython programmers.

Great app, thank you.

i like the screencasts a lot. i do have a request: please increase the audio levels on your screencasts. they are much too low.