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Self updating build

Last month I added an appcast for TextMate. This was done so that I can release updates more frequently, and frankly, not care so much about “actual” releases, which is part of the reason to why there have been no actual betas since I started doing nightly builds.

Starting with latest build I have added the ability for TextMate to monitor the nightly builds as well. So if you’re not using an RSS reader, you can still enjoy (frequent) updates.

In addition to that, I have added the ability for TextMate to download, unpack, install, and restart when there’s a new update. You can thank Nicholas Jitkoff (author of the fabulous Quicksilver) for that, since he sent me code to implement it, after (presumably) being tired of nagging me in vain for such a thing. So just for the records: the way to get a feature into TextMate is by sending me code for it! :)

Since you won’t experience this new feature before next update, I have included a movie showing it. Even though it basically just depicts a progress bar, I find the feature to be very neat.

If you’re reading this entry via an RSS reader, you might not see my embedded movies. I have no idea why.

As for not having released any “real” betas recently, another reason is also that I’m doing mostly “cleanup” to get a 1.1 final release, so that I can shift focus a little and start on 1.2, so no real interesting features have been added, and that’s generally my threshold for doing a beta release.

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