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TextMate IRC Channel

For the last week I’ve been trying to have Colloquy running in the background connected to #textmate at freenode. So if you want to chat with me or other TextMate users, here’s your chance!

Of course you can also follow the recent trend of posting your critique to MacUpdate or VersionTracker, but there is a higher chance of a reply if you write me directly.

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19 March 2005

by Bob Harris

Looks promising, but I am having more difficulty than my patience is willing to tolerate, trying to find answers to two questions:

1) What will it cost me, in US dollars? I clicked on the “buy me” button, hoping to get a quick answer but it looks like I’d have to go through several levels of menus at paypal before (and if) I’d get an answer.

2) Is there a demo available.

Bob H

1) yes, this is true because the price in US dollars is determined by the daily rate, and PayPal doesn’t calculate this before last in the checkout process. But with the rates we have today, €39 = $52.

2) yes, just download it, and you have 30 days trial – I recommend getting the latest beta!