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TextMate service works with Pages

Recently Eric Hsu confirmed that the TextMate service works with Pages and today Eric Curtis mentioned that people are using various services to counter Pages apparent editing short-comings.

So I figured I should mention that you can download this service, and will then be able to select text in every service aware application and hit command-escape to take that text to TextMate, edit it, and save + close the window. You’re then brought back to the originating application, and the text has been updated with the changes you did in TextMate.

Eventually this service should make it to the normal distribution of TextMate, but for now it’s a separate download.

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What is the next step after downloading?

Move the service to ~/Library/Services – you need to log out/in for
the services menu to be rebuilt.

If you launch the service manually (i.e. double-click it after it’s moved to ~/Library/Services), the service should be available for new programs you start.

Another cool application is ICeCoffEE http://web.sabi.net/nriley/software/ which installs as a preference pane and places a Services Menu and contextual menu in every application you wish to choose. I find it much handier for services to be accessed this way. Simply select text, control click and it opens in TextMate.

I would suggest not using Cmd-esc as the service shortcut. There’s two reasons:

1) In Carbon apps it will turn into Cmd-Shift-esc. All services are supposed to be Cmd-Shift-something, but apparently Cocoa doesn’t enforce that right, and using Esc illustrates the difference.

2) Quicksilver already uses Cmd-esc (or Cmd-shift-esc in Carbon apps)