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Universal binary (and more)

Time flies when you’re having fun, so it took a bit longer than promised with that universal build (and Panther workaround). But latest beta is built both for PPC and x86. I don’t have the x86 system myself, so the testing has been done by a user who requested the build some time ago.

Other than that, beta 16 has the usual list of improvements (which is generally half of what I schedule for the release ;) ).

My own favorite improvement with this beta is that (for users of Tiger) the state of folded text is saved as filesystem metadata. For me that adds tremendous value to foldings, especially since they can now be used with prose without losing the foldings when closing the file, thank you Tiger!

Another nice Tiger-only feature is that TextMate now support the dictionary popup available by hovering the mouse over a word and pressing ⌃⌘D. Thanks to Mark Rowe for this one! Now I only need OmniWeb to also support it.

Soft wrap should (again) behave as expected. That is, it remembers your (changed) setting based on file type (w/o manually having to set it up in the bundle editor). Emacs users should also be able to find some joy in the fact that ⌃F is now untouched by TextMate, so it will move forward out-of-the-box (I’m coming to ⌃K/⌃Y kill-buffer support later and setMark:).

Update: This build inserts the kill buffer (last thing deleted) on ⌃Y (and merges successive deletes in the kill buffer).

For agile developers (who doesn’t need to run a build command every second minute) it’s now possible to set that TextMate should save all modified files when it loses focus, so now you can be even more agile! :)

Beta 16 allows you to create new themes without having to mess around in Finder! If you create a nice theme, you’re more than welcome to send me a copy (for potential inclusion) or post it to the TextMate mailing list. Custom themes are kept in ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Themes.

And speaking of mailing lists, I created a mailing list for potential plugin developers. Currently TextMate doesn’t support plugins, but it’s something I may allow for before the final release of 1.1 (which however is due very soon, and I do have a lot on my plate). If you’re interested in creating plugins for TextMate, please subscribe to the list and post your ideas, or be a lurker if you’re just curious.

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06 August 2005

by Dan Kelley

a) ctl-F: THANK YOU, Allan!

b) saving when TM loses focus: a brilliant addition!

Beta 16 is “sweet 16” as far as I’m concerned.


06 August 2005

by Marc Altmann

Great improvements… I like remembering foldings best. The Dictionary thing is a good idea, but I improvable imho: Wouldn’t it be better to look up the word where the cursor is at the moment instead of the word under the mouse pointer?
An entry in the context menu would also be nice.

Keep up the good work!

Hello! Just wanted to say Big Thanks for this great app. I purchased a licence couple of days ago and I’ve been very happy for doing it :)

There’s a couple of things that could be better, though. First of all, please take some time to re-arrange the right sidebar of this website. Things are a bit mixed up and messy now, IMHO. It’s a big deal for newcomers who are not familiar with the site that all relevant info is (and not relevant things are not) on there.

Secondly, I’d really like to see a link back to WordPress-guys from this blog. Heck, even Apple does! :)

And last, but surely not least, for TM I would really really really appreciate the function drop-down menu like many other editors have. That’s the only thing I miss. And if multiple files opened from an FTP-editor, like Transmit, would open in new project, that would be really great.

Anyway, just some thoughts after using TM for a while. Thanks again for this app and keep up the good work!

09 August 2005

by Anonymous


The dictionary feature works just as it does within the rest of the OS (in other words, where the mouse is pointed, not where the cursor is at.)

24 November 2005

by HTML edit

I think Textmate misses a ftp save function à la bbedit, I want to edit my file directly on my ftp server

Yummy FTP has a wonderful Online Edit feature, where you can select a file and click a button to open the editor of your choice. I’ve got mine set to TextMate, and Yummy monitors the file, so that when you save the file in TextMate Yummy FTP automatically uploads the new file.

Does anyone know how to fix the problem with the actionscript module on the Universal Binary build?