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One of my new years resolutions is to remember to link to all the neat stuff related to TextMate that I see on the net. This is after all meant to be a blog all about TextMate! So here we go…

And finally I feel an urge to link to bsag — hopefully this doesn’t come of as chauvinistic, I do know that the average girl is smarter than the average man, but there’s just something that makes my legs go week when girls show such technical insight :)

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I love Florian’s latest work with running unit tests within Textmate. The only time I drop to the terminal to run tests for my Rails apps is to run the entire test suite via ‘rake’. Otherwise, it’s cmd-R/cmd-opt-R for me! However, it seems that Florian’s now fixed my biggest gripe with this method - the unformatted ugliness that comes back when using cmd-R :) Any idea when this is going to be available for public consumption?

You can find a first screencast for the LaTeX bundle here: http://skiadas.dcostanet.net/afterthought/2006/01/09/textmate-latex-screencast-no-1/

It doesn’t have much in it I’m afraid, but it’s a start.

Thanks! I’ve released a first version of TDDMate. Check it out here: http://blog.oaklandcutlery.com/articles/2006/01/12/tddmate

Here’s a second screencast about the LaTeX bundle: