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Lighttpd, ProFont, Remind, Ruby, and Scopes.

What follows is a summary of some “announcements” from the last few days on the mailing list. I made peoples name link to their letter.

Lighttpd Configuration Highlighting

Denis Defreyne created a bundle for Lighttpd which adds syntax coloring of the Lighttpd configuration files.

ProFont Revisited

Frédéric Ballériaux (also known as Fred B.) located a version of ProFont with ligatures disabled. Previously I recommended using the ProFontISOLatin1 variant if you wanted your tool tips to show without ligatures, but this version of the font is a better solution.

Remind Bundle

Rupa Deadwyler created a bundle for Remind (available via svn) with syntax highlight, commands, and snippets for Remind (and so did Mark Eli Kalderon.)

Remind is a calendar/reminder shell command which takes as input your calendar file (which is written in a simple plain text format) and outputs upcoming events. Very simple, yet very flexible and powerful, just how I like it!

On Mac OS X Remind is useful with something like GeekTool (get the unofficial branch) which allows you to setup a shell command to run periodically and have its output shown nicely on your desktop.

You can download Remind from DarwinPorts by using:

sudo port install remind

It does not include the remind2html conversion tool though. But with GeekTool, who needs it? :)

Ruby Idioms Bundle

James Edward Gray II announced a Ruby Idioms bundle. This is packed with good stuff for Ruby programmers!

Working With Scopes

Starting with r948 of TextMate it is possible to have commands get an XML representation of the current document (as parsed by the TextMate language parser.) Charilaos Skiadas (also known as Haris) created a Ruby class which parses this into a tree and provides methods to work with it.

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w/r/t remind, it’s also available via fink, and that version does include rem2html & etc …

You can also download an updated version of rem2html written by Hal Burgiss that produces xhtml and adds a couple of useful features (like being able to generate links within calendar entries:


For those who want Remind, but don’t want to install DarwinPorts or Fink, I maintain an OS X installer package that you can download here.

The left angle bracket (<) is broken in that version of ProFont when anti-aliasing is disabled.

12 July 2006

by Oliver Hagmann

I just read in the Geek Tool Forums that you got it to read text as UTF-8. Would you mind sharing how you did this? I’d like to output Remind text files and I’m using german umlauts and they don’t get displayed correctly. Thanks!

Oliver: I sent the patch to the person maintaining the forked Geek Tool, I am quite sure he rolled it in.

13 July 2006

by Oliver Hagmann

Hm. I tried both versions. But both couldn’t display umlauts correctly. The official version which is now available from Tynsoe seems to be newer than the forked one. At least according to the Forum the problems with Tiger should be fixed and the last modified date is newer.

But maybe it can also be solved with some command line magic. If I use:

/opt/local/bin/remind $HOME/Documents/ToDo/gtdalt.reminders

in the Terminal, the umlauts get displayed correctly. But not in GeekTool.

I’m not very savvy in these things. Maybe I can add something to the command in GeekTool to convert the characters correctly?

13 July 2006

by Oliver Hagmann

Ok I got it know: Using this hint from macosxhints.com it know displays the umlauts correctly. Just add

| iconv -f utf-8 -t ucs-2-internal

to your command and the umlauts are displayed correctly.