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Snipplr — Online Sharing of Code Fragments

There is a new service which collects code fragments (I call them that to not confuse them with actual TextMate snippets.)

Each code fragment can be tagged which makes it possible to later do a simple tag based search.

The neat thing is that you can submit and retrieve code fragments from within TextMate. Watch their screencast for an example of this.

My only objection is that Get Snippet uses ⌃⌥⌘P as key equivalent, which is overloaded to do Preview for various markup languages and Show Web Preview (mostly for HTML) — but that is easy to change.

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Hi. My name is Tyler - I’m the guy behind Snipplr. I just wanted to welcome everyone to the site and give a quick warning that it’s not quite ready for primetime yet. We were expecting to do an official launch next week. But, hey, the more bug testers the better :)

Sorry about that Tyler, I should probably have written and asked if you were all setup.

As I could create an account and submit/retrieve snippets, I figured you were all ready to go :)

It’s all good :) I’m happy to have the beta testers. Besides, I created Snipplr (and built it!) with TextMate in mind.

Others: http://www.bigbold.com/snippets/ (almost 2000 snippets) and http://www.textsnippets.com/ .. with source coloring (for Ruby) too.

30 June 2006

by manu3000

I quote Snipplr website : “Create a new variable called “SNIPPLR_KEY” and set it’s value to…”

to what? What value should $SNIPPLR_KEY have ???

30 June 2006

by Anonymous

great idea! :) but there is a problem… the get snippet shortcut ist the same like the web-preview shortcut… can you chance it? thanks! :)

the $snipplr_key variable is provided for you once you create an account…essentially, this guid will hook your installation of textmate to YOUR snipplr account for posting snips (and, i presume, tracking requests)

02 July 2006

by moshe weitzman

pretty sweet. i admit though though that i when i want a fragment, i want it real fast. searching by tag is not my idea of fast. perhaps there could be a way to get your snippr fragments downloaded into textmate automatically. that way, they would be local.

also, i would love to share real textmate snippits, and not just code fragments.

This is one of the reasons i switched from skEdit (don’t flame me) today to TextMate, right after seeing this feature on Tyler’s site. btw, i know i got a large number of people on tyler’s site, too. Sorry, but congratulations on a project well done. Thank you, too, TextMate!!!

is there some technical barrier in textmate that would prevent a bundle like this one from letting us share textmate snippits instead of static code fragments. now that would be cool.

moshe: there are no technical barrier, but I think it would be hard to make a good interface as a bundle add-on.

Sharing/publishing customizations is a desire among many users so I am considering ways to allow for that natively. But it is a little down the road.

oh, i never noticed the ‘insert as snippit’ output format. thanks.

moshe weitzman wrote: “perhaps there could be a way to get your snipplr fragments downloaded into textmate automatically. that way, they would be local.”

Well, nearly a later, I’ve added that option. The new Snipplr TextMate bundle syncs all of your snippets locally into TextMate’s bundle menu. This lets you access them when you’re offline. Forgive me for linking, but I’ve posted a better explanation of the features and my thoughts on the challenges I found in writing the new bundle here: http://blog.snipplr.com/2007/05/09/new-snipplr-textmate-bundle-beta/