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TextMate 1.5

It is with great pleasure that I am releasing 1.5 of TextMate (5.4 MB).

This is a free upgrade for all registered users and it features hundreds of major improvements over the last non-beta (1.0.2) which was released a year ago.

The jump in version number from last beta (1.1ß17 r898) is to indicate how much has changed since 1.0.2, and that this release is to be seen as half-way towards the 2.0 release.

TextMate is a text editor that combines the beauty of Cocoa with the power of UNIX and is intended for programmers and power users.

TextMate has been built for both PPC and i386 and comes with a complete manual.

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you are awesome

Where can we see what’s new? :) (btw, it didn’t auto-update when I started textmate)

Good job anyway :)

Great, thank you Allan and everyone working on bundles, stuff…whatever makes textmate what it is.

It doesn’t auto-update for me with “cutting edge” selected in preferences. It does with “minor/major update” selected, though.

Wow, great news. So what are gonna be the major new features in TextMate 2.0? :)

Thank you for all your hard work. I LOVE TextMate.
It put the fun back in all my workload.
Life is good.

Congratulations! And thank you for building an editor that I can live in. :)

Wishing you all the best.

06 January 2006

by Marten Veldthuis

Allen, I think currently the cutting-edge version is older than the major update version. You probably want to push out the same version as a cutting edge version aswell, so the people who run cutting edge get it using automatic updates.

yep - auto update doesn’t work on that one. But hey, I can click on a link to download once in a while - no prob! ;) Some people might nor read the blog though… Although I doubt it!

Woohoo! Congrats, here’s to another year of great development :).


Awesome - thanks a bunch for this. TextMate has made me unreasonably happy with editing code :)

I’m so excited!

runs off to edit some code

Congratulations! TextMate is my greatest asset as a programmer on the Macintosh, and I appreciate all the hard work you have put into it!

Keep up the good work!

Why dont for windows ?? :)))


With this TextMate you are really spoiling us :-)

I LOVE TextMate, it has made my life as a programmer so much easier to cope with. Thanks to you, I will go gray a little later in life.


Just installed it - it’s fantastic, a huge improvement on the previous version (which I liked plenty as well). You really, really need to get a changelog up somewhere in an easy-to-find place though.

06 January 2006

by iznogoud

congrats for all that wonderfull work you’ve done and you’ll (I wish) still do in the future.
I only have one regret with the last build. I used to use the “search in selection” button to perform a replace all in selection action. Now I don’t know how to do so :(

Simon: /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/ReleaseNotes.txt

06 January 2006

by bob builder

Help->Release Notes

06 January 2006

by A Finn from Finland

Excellent work! This is my favorite editor so far on OS X - or on any platform, for that matter.

However, I’m not entirely satisfied with TextMate’s performance on large files. With TextMate, opening a 2MB HTML file takes considerably longer than with TextWrangler (which has until now been my editor of choice.) Scrolling through files of that size with TextWrangler seems a bit smoother, too.

If you ironed out the kinks on the performance front, TextMate would be a credible contender for the coveted title of the “best editor ever.” In any case, I’ll dish out the 39 euros for the current version in a matter of days. Kudos to you!


Textmate is by far the best editor I’ve come across, be it for Windows or for Mac. Thanks for all your work, it was well worth the price!

Bravo bravo!!
Truly awesome!
And what a great redesign. Keep it up. You’re truly amazing.

06 January 2006

by Anonymous

It got better…!!!

Thanks! I can’t wait to see what comes up next. The pace of development on TextMate is unbelievable. I’m currently trying to convince my employer to let me use my PowerBook at work just so I can work in TextMate. It’s that good. Thanks for improving my life every couple of weeks!

How do you install the “Edit In TextMate” service? The release notes imply that there’s an installer in the .app bundle itself, but there isn’t one.

Thanks all for your kind words and praise!

Wolfgang: At least there should be no shortage of suggestions :) The post-1.5 releases will likely see a somewhat major change in my attitude, in that I have so far been hesitant to rewrite existing code (which is often required to fix design bugs or just make it better/extend it beyond the initial design). But now that I have a pretty good 1.5 release, I am comfortable with investing more time into major improvements (rather than the incremental improvements strategy I followed from 1.0 to 1.5).

iznogoud: If you hold down shift or option, the button title will change to “In Selection”. There are also a menu action for it: Edit → Find → Replace All in Selection (⌃⇧⌘F).

It might be more visible (again) in the future.

Andrew: From the documentation: “For more info select the Install “Edit in TextMate”… action located in the TextMate bundle (using the gear menu in the status bar)”.

Maybe this is the wrong place for this, but…

In the Wiki, it says that we were going to see tabbed file editing with or without a project in “version 1.2”. I know we’ve jumped from a beta version to 1.5, I was wondering if we’re actually waiting until version 2.0 or is it there and I just don’t see it?

What I had planned for 1.2 will likely be released as 1.6 and 1.7 (I’ll try to make more official releases instead of keeping it in beta for a year) and 1.3 features are likely going to be the 2.0 release, maybe with a few intermediate release between 1.7 and 2.0.

I haven’t fully decided on the numbers.

Migrating to Mac is such a joy. Where have I been? I love Textmate. Thank you.

I’ve been trying TextMate for two days now and so far I am very impressed with the stability and ease of use.

Three things I would like to see:

  1. Better Subversion integration (for example, I’d like to see the Subversion status listed next to files in a project’s file listing, and I’d like to be able to right-click to perform Subversion operations on those files).

  2. A toolbar (customizable), which would be handy for doing things like opening the Web Preview window.

  3. Undo behaviour more consistent with standard Cocoa undo. As it current stands, it looks like TextMate stores undo entries in a much too granular fashion. Sometimes I have to hit Command-Z dozens of times and watch as TextMate deletes my typing letter-by-letter when really it should be doing it word-by-word.

Changelog should really be posted on the site. I just searched like a fool until I stumbled on the comments of this post.

Hey Allan-

I wanted to let you know how much TextMate rocks. The entire 9rules infrastructure and XHTML/CSS was coded in TextMate. It’s my favorite Mac OS X application on the planet.

Very best,

07 January 2006

by Jay States

The only problem with I have with the application is it’s dealing with non-fixed fonts. I love coding with Lucida Grande… it does not seem like much but fonts improves readability… just like great graphics.

Once that is fixed you’ll have my $40 bucks, because this is better than most other coding applications.


Thanks for the pointer to the release notes. They really should be published on the web somewhere as well though.

Congrats! Do write about plans on porting to Windows!

What are the plans for integrating ftp/sftp? Thats really the only thing stopping me at this point from switching away from BBEdit.

linux version pleeeease. im willing to pay!

it doesnt appear that you can preview/edit web pages with textmate can you ?

mulan: You can open the Web Preview from the Windows menu. As for editing, well… TM is a text editor…

The only problem with I have with the application is it’s dealing with non-fixed fonts. I love coding with Lucida Grande… it does not seem like much but fonts improves readability… just like great graphics.

Once that is fixed you’ll have my $40 bucks, because this is better than most other coding applications.

TextMate is under Linux?

i really love your application, it is a super extension to Xcode…


I rather prefer “Vi” - I think it is more powerfull tools ]:->

Congratulations! I’m so excited! runs off to edit some code.