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TextMate 1.5.2

TextMate 1.5.2 is now available for download.

While the 1.5.x branch is intended only for bug fixes, this release does have some significant improvements related to bundles, in particular these now:

  • use a cache to speedup loading,
  • render tab triggers nicely in the menu (Tiger only,)
  • the menu for each bundle is structured with separators and sub-menus,
  • bundles can be re-loaded from AppleScript (e.g. after doing svn up on the repository checkout,)
  • bundle items can be distributed individually by dragging the item from TextMate to the Finder and let the receiver double-click it to install, and
  • changes you make to a default bundle item is now stored as a delta file, so changing the key equivalent of a default bundle item stores only that change in ~/Library.

Full release notes are included with the application.

Users of the built-in software updater will see r1100 reported as latest (version 1.5.2 is r1103) — the 3 additional revisions cover updates to the manual.

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17 June 2006

by Trevor

When I tried to replace my existing TextMate with this new version, I kept getting errors saying it couldn’t be replaced because “Edit in TextMate” is still in use. What is the best way of handling this? I tried quitting all applications, but the error remained. The only fix was to completely log out and then log back in. Is there a better way?

The easiest is to always use the in-app software update mechanism :)

However, if you want to manually update, and the input manager is in use, the solution is either to trash the old TextMate before dragging the new to /Applications or to remove the old version using Terminal (i.e. rm -rf /Applications/TextMate.app) as only Finder will enforce the advisory lock.

17 June 2006

by J. De Salvo

Downloaded 1.5.2 and reloaded bundle items; however, I am unable to open any template file from File –>New from Template. Have tried to open each of the templates but no joy.

What am I doing wrong?

If I make a change to a default Bundle item (for instance the html bundle), that ships natively with TM, and I want to hand over that Bundle Item(After renaming it in the Bundle Editor) to someone else, by dragging it out from the Bundle Editor after renaming it,with those changes recognized by the other User, will the other User get those changes recognized by TM, if he double clicks it, or should those special cases be handled differently ?

Also, if I have r1100, do I have the latest manual updates available on my install ?

Thanks again and regards, marios

J. De Salvo: Did this work prior to 1.5.2? Likely the problem is caused by your shell startup.

If you change working directory as part of your shell startup, it would break the templates, like was the for this ticket

marios: If the user double-clicks your customized version it will replace the default item on his install. So if the intent is e.g. to replace the default Tidy command, this is how you would do it. If you want to offer this as an additional item, you should duplicate it, and give him the duplicated item.

And no, r1100 doesn’t have the latest manual update, but the changes are minor, and the manual will ship with next cutting edge, which might be out in a few days, plus the manual is available online if you are afraid you are missing out.

17 June 2006

by J. De Salvo

Right you are (again), Allan. Yesterday, I edited my .bash_profile to include “cd /Library/’Application Support’/TextMate/Bundles” to save me a few keystrokes. Removed that entry, logged out and back in, fired up TextMate, and selected File–>New from Template.

Each of the templates now opens just fine. Thanks for your help and of course for TextMate, Allan.


17 June 2006

by Anonymous

Regarding duplication of items, is there an easy way to duplicated a Bundle so that you can customize it but if others want to try it out, they don’t have to overwrite their own, they can just try it out and delete it if they don’t like it.

18 June 2006

by Anonymous

If you express yourself in code as poorly as you do in English, I don’t want to try your bundle.

I get the following error when trying to auto-updated:

Error: extracting archive (“TextMate_r1100.tbz”)

I’m running Version 1.5.1 (1031) on 10.4.6. Any thoughts?

Zekel: That would indicate a problem extracting the archive ;)

Check the console for more detailed errors. I let tar/bzip2 do the actual extraction, so I don’t know what the exact reason would be.

“f you express yourself in code as poorly as you do in English, I don’t want to try your bundle” , Anonymous, it’s ok, you don’t have to, my english is terrible, I try to work on it. I am also not a programer neither do I have a degree, but I appreciate the Luxury of Learning, and fortunately Democracy gives me the freedom to do that every day.

(I don’t feel upset at all)

regards, marios


I got several pages of “tar (child): bzip2: Cannot write: Broken pipe” in my log. It worked fine eventually automatically (after not working during one more manual update). I was just concerned it was some bug of yours.

So… Is there an easy way to duplicate an entire bundle? Is that a stupid question? If so, why? I did search the mailing list archives for quite some time but all the results were about duplicating single items.

Hope my English is not too obscure for some of the people around here… I could write using my first language, but I bet it would indispose even more people…

minimal design: There is no way to duplicate a bundle as a single action.

22 June 2006

by mreece

since upgrading to the latest build, i can no longer filter a selection through a command (perltidy) and have it replace the selection.

it works if i replace document with document, or with a selection if i insert as text, but not replace selection.

(10.4.6 intel)

mreece: If you upgrade to latest cutting edge there is a fix for that.

I discovered some strange behavior after upgrading, namely if I cut & paste some stuff in my css file it pasted with gigantic newlines between each line. Then for some reason one day I opened my css file and the whole thing was newlines galore. Like 3 spaces between each line. Don’t know how or why it happened, but it seems to be something in the new textmate. Anyone experienced this?

23 June 2006

by m.Sharp

Hi there I love this app but still can’t see any support for multi-byte characters…. So, what’s the point of supporting UTF-8? Don’t get me wrong, I mean, the ability of handling multi-byte characters is reeeeeeeally important, to many coders including me.

thanks! If you are not going to implement this feature in the near future please let me know as well, so I’ll not be so bad looking for it, thanks.

Yan: I’ve not heard about that problem before. The “gigantic newlines” are likely related to the source of the paste.

m.Sharp: I assume you refer to CJK and similar complex scripts with “multi-byte” — for that you should go hunt for another text editor, as it won’t happen before at least 3.0. UTF-8 though still makes sense, as a lot of non-ASCII stuff does work fine with TextMate.

23 July 2006

by Phill Kenoyer

Please, please fix the Project Drawer. I’m editing code that’s on NFS, and the Project Drawer directory update/sync is killing me. It takes anywhere from 1-4 seconds to refresh when I switch to another app then back. Why can’t there be a setting to set the refresh time, or at least put it in a background process? Why does it need to stop everything to update?

For now I’m using VIM until it’s fixed.