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Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

For those new to TextMate or just not intimately familiar with it yet, Soryu has written a setup tutorial which walks you through the steps of setting up your preferred tab size, theme (colors), installing the mate shell command, and gives a few details along the way, such as the fact that TextMate’s spell check as you type only will spell check your prose (and ignore keywords or markup.)

There is also a thorough basics tutorial which touches bundles (snippets, commands, etc.), various editing modes and actions, navigation, common bundles, and similar.

Since there is a lot of information to devour, David Powers has created a succinct cheat sheet (direct link to PDF) which you can print and have next to your computer. It lists key equivalents for many useful general actions.

For less language neutral cheat sheets, you can google for TextMate cheat sheets (PDF). I have previously mentioned the Rails cheat sheet and there is also one more targeted for HTML/CSS/PHP (PDF) developers (I found this from the Google search, so I do not know to whom the credit should go.)

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That should probably say spell check as you type.

I also posted something that might be useful to my blog: Faking full screen mode. It’s originally from 43folders.com, but I’ve improved on it by writing some simple scripts to launch/quit the “full screen mode”.

13 May 2006

by Dan Kelley

These are terrific. One thing that is especially good about Soryu’s work is that the images are large enough that I can easily see all of the details. (I find the TM help system a little challenging in that regard.)

Thanks Dan. I even had nice PNGs at first but then hurriedly decided to replace those >200kB monsters so I don’t have to upgrade my hosting plan ;)

What I would love to see more than anything is a language grammar tutorial – the system is foreign enough (and the manual section sparse enough) that I can’t figure out how to do more than the simplest customizations (like adding definitions for my workplace’s propreitary pseudo-HTML tags), and even that only by trial and error.

16 May 2006

by marios

I too would like to see a language grammer tutorial, switching to MAC only a couple of month ago, the learning curve is pretty steep.
Let’s say I’ve learned a little regular expressions and studied the manual back and forth, what’s the best go for this.
I’d like to make my own bundles for a CMS meta language that has both html, and my custom tags in it.It can have PHP too, but the php code would be supplied as an attribute argument and not the usual php start and end tags.
Besides that, the documents used, that need to be edited would normally come with a txt extension, so my best bet is to turn that in to a custom file extension.
I allso installed svnX and would like to integrate both apps so I can commit everything from within TM to my remote repository.
Some general guidelines for the language grammer creation would be highly epreciated.

regards, marios

what i’d like to find is a more parametrable search, where you can specify folder to search or no to search to narrow the search itself?

I like the way textWrangler do it ;) Any bundle or ?

I updated the cheat sheet for the web designer using html, css, xml and php. I also added a pocketmod version. https://wiki.macromates.com/Main/UsefulResources

too bad they dont work anymore!

‘setup tutorial’ link -> dead ‘succinct cheat sheet’ link -> dead

For those looking for the cheat sheet David Powers produced, he rearranged his site somewhat. The cheat sheet can be found here, along with a few other TM resources.

Oh, and Soryu’s tutorials can be found here…again, website rearrangement is the cause.