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Edit in TextMate (from Firefox)

While I have mentioned this before, TextMate comes with an input manager you can install. Hereafter you can press ⌃⌘E in any Cocoa text field (even editable WebViews) to send the text to TextMate, where saving and then closing the window will take you back to the calling application (with the updated text).

Recently Brett Terpstra wrote about how to get similar functionality working for Firefox (which is not using Cocoa text fields).

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27 February 2007

by Christophe Cuq

I dont understand why he is doing this that way. I have done the same think without creating a symbolic link, just giving “It’s all text” the path to TextMate in Applications.

And it works, I am writing this with TM…

This plugin in gmail move the page to the right, unusable!

One problem I have found is that attachments will be removed.

this is a cool trick! But why there’s not syntax highlighting in mail? Everything is text.mail.markdown text.html.markdown, and I recently upgraded to the latest bundle versions…

sorry, I realized I did not have Markdown enabled. Everything works fine!

05 March 2007

by Jacob Rus

All we need is someone with experience in the Camino codebase to help get the input manager working in Camino, and we’ll be set. :)

So, without an API for Opera, I guess we’re left out in the dark?

Doesn’t work with IDEA or E on Windows :(