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Eye on TextMate Bundles

Luke Daley took initiative to have FishEye index the TextMate Bundles repository.

A neat thing about FishEye (in addition to the “lines of code”-graph shown below) is that it allows per-folder RSS feeds.

Lines of code over time for the TextMate bundles

We have always offered a repository-wide RSS feed but if you only want to follow changes done to the LaTeX bundle then you can subscribe to just that. Go to the TextMate Bundles listing and click the bundle you are interested in to see the history of that bundle. In the “Recent Changelog” box (to the left) is an RSS link in the upper right corner.

On the topic of data mining the TextMate bundles repository, ohloh.net estimates that it costs more than a million dollars to hire a team to create the code in the repository (and their KLOC count seems to be only one fifth of what FishEye finds).

Another service we have been using to keep track of our commits is CIA.vc. This was motivated by their useful IRC bot that used to echo the commits to the #textmate IRC channel (their service has been having some problems lately).

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By the way, if you decide to pay out $1M among the bundle developers, we won’t refuse the cash.

Hey jeg2, check out the contributors lite on olhih. I’m coming for your #10 spot there buddy ;)

07 December 2007

by Jakub Nešetřil

A much better install/update system for bundles is long overdue. :( No, GetBundle bundle doesn’t cut it.

Jakub, what ideas do you have for a new install/update system?

07 December 2007

by Sam Hill

@ Joe: I would expect a Mac OS X feel to it. I think that says it all.

No offense, but why am I feeling like the Textmate user community is dying ? The lines-of-code graph kinda supports my point. Allan, I think people are tired of waiting for 2.0 and feel frustrated by the lack of development news you provide. Please tell us you’re still interested in developing and extending Textmate !

Gawel: Did you look at number of commits (on average more than half a dozen each day for the last two months), the traffic on the mailing list? in the IRC channel? etc.

So I don’t think the community is dying — sure, people want to know when I will release what, similar to how we also want to know when Apple will release what.

@ Gawel, Allan

Hey guys, I’m not wondering! :-) Textmate rocks!

No way the community is dying–not if they use Textmate anyways.

As far as the graph is concerned, perhaps it indicates that most peeps have found/tweaked their bundles to where they need them to be, and are now being productive. Don’t be narcissistic. :-P

18 February 2008

by Jacob Rus

Gawel: the community is certainly far from dying, but you’re right that it’s slowed a bit in the last few months, due to a combination of Allan not shoving new features under our noses (going on vacation, &c., the creep!), most popular language bundles beginning to stabilize somewhat, and, sure, many of us holding our breath for things to come.

If you have any great new ideas though, feel free to speak up and lead a TM bundle renaissance. If you have the time and the ability, we’d all be more than happy to share in your improvements.

05 December 2008

by Oliver Taylor

I maintain the Screenwriting bundle by myself and for the last year or so development on the bundle has almost completely stopped. This is a direct result of two things:

The bundle has stabilized.

It took me a long time to get the bundle right but once I did there’s really not much else I need it to so. Sure, I have lots of fancy plans but I’m not pursuing them because…

TextMate 2 could be right around the corner.

I’m not going to invest a lot of time improving things that already work when I know a new system could be announced any day.

…the tragedy of pre-announcing software…

I think a lot of the bundles have slowed down for exactly these two reasons. But it doesn’t mean the community is dying. We’re all just stalled waiting for Allan, who I hope takes his time and gets it Right.