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Lost in Tokyo

Two of my friends have a conference in Tokyo, so I decided to go with them for some sightseeing and is now sitting in my room at the Hotel Astil Ueno (near the Ueno railway station).

This means that low priority email will have to wait till I am home (the 31st of March) but also that if you have any tourist recommendation then definitely let me know!

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I would definitely recommend visiting the landscape gardens with seawater ponds (Hama Rikyu in particular).

Harajuku is fantastic. Lots of people dressed up in outrageous outfits. Yoyogi park is close by, and then the Meiji Shrine and the surrounding gardens are great.

Tsukiji Fish Market is absolutely amazing. You need to go early in the morning (like 5AM). I think there are tours. And then go to one of the sushi bars inside the markets. Freshest and best sushi you will ever eat.

And then there are some great bars in the back streets near Shinjuku. I can’t remember where we were, but one night we ended up in this bar that sat 8 people, 5 stories up a fire escape. Magnificent.

Whoops. I meant the back streets near Shibuya, not Shinjuku.

23 March 2007

by kiyo-sick

Two AppleStores in Tokyo. Ginza and Shibuya.

Daikanyama is called “exporter of fashion trends”. you can find good apparels, interior goods. (and I’m working in Daikanyama.)

I hope you have a good time in Tokyo.

Congrats on the Jolt Productivity Award!

Well deserved!

Shinjuku Higashi-guchi (east-exit) – lots of great tech-stores…Akihabara compacted. In Shinjuku is the city hall - you can go for free to the top and you’ll have a great sight over Tokyo. In Ginza is the Kabuki-kan where you can watch kabuki (traditional japanese theatre) which is really cool. Emperor Palace is worth to be visited. And have a look at: http://www.tourism.metro.tokyo.jp/english/

Oh yeah, don’t forget to eat gyû-don at Yoshinoya, try the rice burgers from Mos Burgers and have a Maccha Frapuccino in Starbucks ;)

Mos Burger, actually! DON’T GO TO MOS BURGER! You will miss it too much when you leave.

Definetely Apple store in Ginza. Asakusa has some cool shrines as well, its not far from where you are (not much in Tokyo is) - and of course, the metro is awesome.

Be sure to check http://tokyoblog.livejournal.com - it’s a cartoon blog a friend created. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in the 24 entries. Enjoy!

Astil Ueno, it’s near my home…

You should eat cheap food in Japan! Of couse Mos Burger ;) Almost are delicious. Mos Burger is located south side of Ueno station.

Perhaps even a brief exposure to Japanese society and culture might make you more sympathetic to implementing proper CJK support in TextMate.

But, then again, probably not.

Jonathon: Lack of CJK support has nothing to do with my view on asian culture but everything to do with limited resources and technical difficulties — I thought I had made that clear by now.

That said, based on my own testing, 2.0 should be quite capable of both inputting CJK and rendering it properly.

You might enjoy a look at backyard Tokyo from the Toden Arakawa Line, the last tram line in town: goes between Waseda (Tozai subway line), and Minowabashi (near Minowa on the Hibiya subway line). Or, go to Ebisu, go to the top floor of the tower at Ebisu Garden Place and and get a look at just how big Tokyo is; beats the heck out of Tokyo Tower. Recover in the tasting room at the Sapporo Beer Museum nearbye; it’s on a lower level, and a bit easy to miss.

Hey Allan,

We are headed out to a great sake bar in Tokyo Wednesday night (28th) and you should come along. Write me at bob AT akatombo DOTT com and I’ll happily extend our reservation.


31 March 2007

by Jacob Rus

This is just a test:

  • Can we make a list in Allan’s blog post comments?
  • Does it get correctly styled?
  • We shall see


Can we make a blockquote? and does it get correctly styled?

More on topic: Hope you had a blast in Japan. Write another post to tell us all how it went.

31 March 2007

by Jacob Rus

↑Ah, apparently that sort of worked ↑. Cool. Feel free everyone to completely disregard these two comments then :).

09 April 2007

by boblet

What was the conference your friends went to?

You’ll have to come down to Kansai next time! :-)

boblet: The conference was the 4th ESICUP Meeting (link might be down) — ESICUP being The European Special Interest Group on Cutting and Packing.

I actually did go to Kyoto, which I believe is in the Kansai region. I saw the Golden Pavilion, the Geisha district, and visited a few temples.

UltraBob: I was in Nikko the day you guys went to the sake bar, so unfortunately I couldn’t make it.