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TextMate icon in Microsoft Silverlight graphics

Cédric Bleimling directed my attention toward the video tutorial site for Microsoft Silverlight. Not only are they using TextMate for the screencast, they put its icon on the graphics for the download.

Clearly the message has been well received in Redmond :)

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Hilarious! They did all that Visual Studio Stuff and Extensions, just for Silverlight and now they show it with the worlds best editor. Kudos man!

I think that Microsoft loooves irony ;) You may be the reason of a massive switch at redmond, who knows :D

I’m glad my name is on my favorite app’s website :)

That was actually quite an interesting video, thanks for the pointer to it :)

Of course, there is something quite funny about a Microsoft presentation running on a Mac.

It’s not even the first time they use Macs for a MS presentation. Never heard of “eat your own dog food”, I guess.

I think the hackers in Redmond get the mac and TM. It’s interesting to watch them market silverlight. It’s a product in which they really need support from the “web 2.0” crowd, definitely not their traditional corporate developer C# drone :)

I almost feel bad for Microsoft. Almost :)

One of the most best aspects of Silverlight is that it worked on Macs as well as PCs from day one. It makes perfect sense to me that they would use the best text editor on the Mac to show that you can build Silverlight sites on a Mac as well.

Oh, and as they love to point out, Microsoft writes more Mac code than any company other than Apple.

When do we get a Silverlight / XAML bundle? :)

Someone else likes it too (comic blog): http://www.packetlog.com/packetlog/2007/12/choosing-a-text.html

I’m also developing Silverlight with Textmate. Quite easy, though I approve with Chris Evans - a XAML bundle would be great!

Of course, there is something quite funny about a Microsoft presentation running on a Mac.

This is really an interesting video. It shows, that Silverlight works on any PC, on a Mac as well.

[…] I really wanted to use Textmate to develop Silverlight applications, and avoid dropping to windows. At first, it didn’t seem possible, but eventually I ran into enough blog posts to figure it out. None of these had all the instructions in one place, so I figured I’d add the basic steps and comment on each of the posts I used. […]