The version for sale is TextMate 1.x but will also work with 2.0 (when released in final form).

We may charge for updates after 2.0 (even 2.1) but when/if we release a paid update, we will make it free for anyone who bought within the last 6 months.

Open Source

Version 2.0 of TextMate is being developed as open source. This doesn’t change that TextMate is a commercial product, and while current prebuilt binaries work without a license key, they may need one in the future.

That the source is open should be considered a feature analogous to DRM-free music: It allows you to do more with the product!

Group Discount

A group discount can be obtained by using the normal purchase form. Specify the number of licenses you need and the discount will be calculated according to the table below.

Discount When Purchasing
20% 4-9 licenses
25% 10-14 licenses
30% above 14 licenses

Educational Discount

There is a 15% educational discount. This is available from the regular purchase form.

Site License

A site license allows you to use the same license key for as many installations as you have seats. Prices are listed below and a site license can be bought using the regular purchase form.

Seats Price
30 €750
50 €1,000
100 €1,500
unlimited €2,500

Prices exclude VAT. Residents of EU member states without a VAT number or residents of Cyprus (regardless of VAT number) will be charged VAT based on the member state of the buyer.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are not accepted.