Preferences Items

For settings where differing values are useful to have based on a file type or the context of the caret position in a document, the bundle editor allows you to set and specify a scope selector which selects which scope the particular settings should apply.

Currently the preferences are specified in the old-style property list format.

Preferences Editor


  • completions — an array of additional candidates when cycling through completion candidates from the current document.
  • completionCommand — a shell command (string) which should return a list of candidates to complete the current word (obtained via the TM_CURRENT_WORD variable).
  • disableDefaultCompletion — set to 1 if you want to exclude matches from the current document when asking for completion candidates (useful when you provide your own completion command).

For more info see section on completions.


  • decreaseIndentPattern — regular expression.
  • increaseIndentPattern — regular expression.
  • indentNextLinePattern — regular expression.
  • unIndentedLinePattern — regular expression.

For more information see indentation rules.

Symbol List

  • showInSymbolList — set to 1 to include in the symbol list.
  • symbolTransformation — a “program” consisting of one or more s/«regexp»/«format»/«options»; transformations which will be applied to the extracted “symbol”.

For more information see customizing the symbol list.

Paired Characters

  • highlightPairs — an array of arrays, each containing a pair of characters where, when the caret moves over the second, the first one will be highlighted for a short moment, if found.
  • smartTypingPairs — an array of arrays, each containing a pair of characters where when the first is typed, the second will be inserted. An example is shown below. For more information see auto-paired characters.

     smartTypingPairs = (
         ( '"', '"' ),
         ( '(', ')' ),
         ( '{', '}' ),
         ( '[', ']' ),
         ( '“', '”' ),
         ( "'", "'" ),
         ( '`', '`' ),


  • shellVariables — an array of key/value pairs. See context dependent variables.
  • spellChecking — set to 0/1 to disable/enable spell checking.