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Here is what users say about TextMate:

I’ve recently switched from Text Wrangler to TextMate, and after only a few hours of use TextMate is helping me kick ass. It’s a joy to use.

Ben Askins

I have spent the last year trying out different code editors […] A few days ago one of my friends pointed me at TextMate. I gave it a go. I’ve been using TextMate for 2 days before I decided to buy it. What a fantastic tool.

Tomek Piatek

I’m also a novelist [and] your documentation is great, even for a non-unix geek like me. I was able to create new bundles and new snippets after one afternoon of checking out the manual. After about a week of playing with the free version, I purchased it.

Elaine Sims

After years of Emacs, and other editors I will not name, you guys have hit the nail on the head. This is hands down the best text editor I have ever used. Keep up the great work.

Joey Coyle

Because of this app I have come to understand the unix shell pretty well.

I have learned some of the more advanced regex stuff.

I have been able to satisfy my insane need for customization and syntax color theming as well.


I enjoy it more than I have ever enjoyed any video game or toy (even legos).

thomas Aylott

I bought my Mac Mini for Textmate […] I was going to go the Windows route with Rails and then I saw Textmate. It made the decision easy. Too easy.


TextMate is hands down the best text editor I’ve ever used.

Arlo Rose

[It] helps me do my job without getting in my way. And actually allows me to create my own “helpers” as I go along. It seems so simple, but just blows everything I’ve seen away and I’ve used them all (vi, emacs, pfe… on and on).


My girlfriend actually got a little scared that I was getting so excited over a text editor…

Ryan Christensen

TextMate’s open development process is a great example of closed source applications using some of the best methods from open source projects.

Brian Skahan

It’s not just that TextMate is my new favorite app. It’s that I feel as though Allan and the community around TextMate are genuinely working together to advance the quality of our collective writing environments; it’s not just features and buttons, it’s progress. And for that, I cannot thank you enough.

Oliver Taylor

I never thought I’d switch away from vim; I’ve been using vi for almost 10 years, and I’m pretty expert at it, and couldn’t imagine using another, slower editor. But I tried TextMate, and it’s far faster to use, and so much more extensible, so it’s by far the best piece of software I’m using today.

Alisdair McDiarmid

TextMate is the first piece of software I’ve bought in a looong time, because it’s absolutely worth every penny. It doesn’t just complete code, people, it completes you. It’s genius, really.

Alex Griffioen

My mother is 60 and understands 0% of html, and she thinks textmate is great because I can produce a webpage in under 10 seconds just by typing […] it all whooshes over her head, but she still recognizes the power of textmate.

Caius Durling

Transmit and Textmate are a pretty killer combination. Well… Textmate and just about any app are a killer combination. I’d take a bullet for Textmate, that’s how much I love it.

William T. Foxtrot

I like this program better than my socks… and they’re pretty cool socks. I guess what I’m trying to say is: if I had to use bare feet and sandals to use this program… I just might.

Louis Hutmire

As a hardened BBEdit user I thought I’d give TextMate a try, for a laugh…

I am just blown away!

There are so many great things about it I don’t know where to start.

Fergus Bremner

I think I’ve been a registered user for about one year now. I show off TextMate all the time to co-workers and they are amazed at the simplicity and the power the application has.

Bill Allaire

TextMate is like a breath of fresh air, and the macros and snippets are fantastic. Best of all is the project drawer and tabs.

Paul Nordstrom August

I’ve been using BBEdit for years and years, but I have to admit that Textmate has made me wonder what I liked about it […] the number of features that I’ve already found that are easier to work with (or missing completely from BBEdit) really surprises me.

Dan Donaldson

It’s very obvious that you spent a lot of time on the details, and that’s what makes textmate so great.

Mike Kellogg

I’m not a programmer [but] with enough tenacity I have added several features I initially thought were missing.

In so far as Firefox has introduced custom extensions to the masses, you’ve done no less than introduce an app with extension-like capabilities, but the difference is that you’ve also included a somewhat easy way to build those extensions. And that’s significant.

Oliver Taylor

Just wanted to thank you for writing such an excellent product. I’ve tried tons of editor’s, but always went back to my good old trusty vi. I believe I now have a replacement! I love the minimalist look and being able to test perl/bash/whatever right from the app. Thank you!

Josh Chaney

I’ve been doing web development on a mac for over 7 years now, and was a DIE HARD BBEdit fan back in the OS9 days.


As an ardent support of free software, this is the only piece of software I have paid for in over 5 years out of my own pocket.

Todd Kennedy

This thing actually works, and it’s comprehensible, and I can extend it to do what I want so easily that I’ve grown into it.

Shane Celis

I’ve had my license for awhile (#376), and am so happy with TextMate that I want to send you more money to support your further development efforts.

Ben Protas

Just finally made the switch from BBEdit to TextMate (after long being an apologist for BBEdit; well, I had to defend my investment! ), and I absolutely love it.

Sebastian Friedrich

I’m writing a API Document / Tutorial [and] thought it would look better in Apple’s Pages […] After about 15 minutes I couldn’t stand the tactile feel of Pages text editing. I had to go back to Textmate!

It’s so good it’s addictive! Ack! I’m going to have to learn LaTeX so I can style my documents with plain-text, ha!

Ryan Allen

This editor is incredible. I was watching the ruby an rails screen-casts and was floored — not by rails, but by the text editor :)

Chad Seldomridge

I’ve been using it for a month or two now, and I love it. It truly embraces my idea of a Mac application - easy to use, fast, good looking and full of nifty features. Great work, keep it up!

Johan Boström

You’ve created an unbelievable piece of software! I love it to bits! It’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ryan Allen

I switched from BBEdit in the middle of this year […] the program keeps blowing me away (I get excited! About a text editor!)

Daniel Bogan

I love this program.

It does everything just exactly the way I think a text editor should work.

Brian Parkinson

I’m playing around with TextMate for the first time: WOW!!

Harald Buchner

Okay just sitting down at work and you know I use your editor everyday from reading txt files to ruby to php and I have to say I love it.

Thanks for all the hard work and making such a wonderful product!

Robert Potvin

I just wanted to let you know that I think TextMate is awesome […] I took the plunge and moved my current Rails project into a Subversion repository. I then opened it back up with TextMate. They work so well together […] TextMate continues to make my development sessions more effective and efficent.

I want to thank you for a fine product that makes my work much easier.

Keep up the good work!

Al Anderson

Only been playing around with TextMate since this morning and I am already a convert :)

Jeffrey Hau

After forcing myself (it’s really difficult to switch after 10 years) to use TextMate (and reading its excellent documentation), I do prefer TextMate hands down: I’m simply much more productive with it.

When compared to TextMate, BBEdit is really showing its age.

TextMate innovates at an incredibly rapid pace while BBEdit essentially stagnates (and has been for years)


This is the first software I’ve actually paid for. My friend had a key for it, and he would have given it to me. But, this app rocks so much, that I actually purchased it. :)

Jay Austad

[…] surely all this TextMate hocus-pocus can be achieved with BBEdit as well?
I gave up on that after a couple of hours.

Clay Loveless

It took me little more than an hour to figure out how to write a TT mode for it. In contrast I’ve been using Emacs for over a decade and still don’t grok enough of its voodoo magic to dare venture within.

Andy Wardley

Every single engineer at my company, once I show them the flexibility and power of TextMate, immediately wants a Mac as their dev environment

Trenton Davies

[…] I’ve never seen such capable software that looks and feels so clean and fast. What an experience!
[…] I actually stumbled across Textmate when I was looking at various writer’s tools […] for a larger documentation project […] With Textmate I now have everything under one hood — and unlike other software it delivers!

I ditched Textwrangler after about 2 hours of working in Textmate and registered after 3!

Stephan Henning