• Introduction to scopes blog post

Attribute Scope

  • SCM scopes: attr.scm.*.
  • Build system scopes (Makefile, Xcode, etc.): attr.project.*.
  • attr.rev-path, attr.os-version.
  • attr.untitled, attr.file.unknown-encoding, attr.unknown-filetype.

Dynamic Scope

  • Left scope: dyn.caret.begin.(line|document), right scope: dyn.caret.end.(line|document).
  • Misspelled words: dyn.misspelled.
  • Mouse-clicks: dyn.modifier.(shift|control|option|command).
  • The scope contains dyn.selection and/or dyn.caret.* based on the following rules:

    • If there is one or more selections: dyn.selection.
    • If there is a single zero-width selection: dyn.caret.mixed.columnar.
    • If there are multiple carets and/or selections: dyn.caret.mixed.