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G5 "benchmark"

Today I got my Dual 2.5 MHz G5 and can therefor answer the two questions that have been on my own mind: how fast is it? and is it really made for whisper quiet operation?

To answer the first question, my previous system was a 733 MHz G4 and it took 30 minutes to make a deployment build of TextMate. This has been reduced to 3 minutes and 50 seconds, so that’s almost 8 times as fast.

This makes it much more enjoyable to work on TextMate, and I just did a deployment build of beta 4, although a little before schedule, but the longer I wait with the betas, the more I tend to think I need to put into them ;)

Regarding whisper quiet operation, well, generally it makes less noise than my previous G4 Quicksilver, I’d say half as much – but it’s still not whisper quiet. And it does have one very noisy fan that starts each time I go to 100% load, but it generally stops again after 10 seconds or so, even when the CPU load continues for minutes.

Update: And now there is a beta 5 which doesn’t require my private OakDebug.framework.

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