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TextMate 1.0.2 released

An update of TextMate is now available for download.

For those who haven’t been using the intermediate beta versions the most noticeable enhancements are probably:

  • supports printing (both for normal text and the web preview),
  • has a multi-page OS X style preferences window, and
  • supports the ODB Editor Suite so that TextMate can be used as external editor in those applications which support this.

There is probably close to a hundred other fixes, enhancements, tweaks or similar since the 1.0.1 release. Check the release notes for details.

This release is likely to be the last 1.0.x release — 1.x releases are still free upgrades, but focus is shifting from minor to major improvements, since most obvious show-stoppers are hopefully gone with this release.

This release also has a new 30 days trial period.

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