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At last ! I just ordered the bundle because I think a printed manual is a minimum for a software as powerful as TextMate is.

BTW, TM is fanstastic and I am ready to pay as much as 100 EUR to purchase a box version including a good user’s manual.


The user’s manual is already really good ;-)

Looks interesting, although I have to wonder if it will be somewhat out of date by February.

Francois, there is a good manual available online which you can take to a printshop and print.

I know there’s an online manual but it’s ugly (if I had tile I woud latex it)…

14 September 2006

by dj moonbat

Is there a section on how to get Textmate to indent properly?

22 September 2006

by Anonymous

I need some help with the gem I found in this book. I’m speaking about the “execute and update markers” command for Ruby. I cannot get it to honor my ruby path. No matter what this file

!/usr/bin/env ruby

exec “which ruby” # =>

will return /usr/bin/ruby even though running it with RubyMate always yeilds /opt/local/bin/ruby even if I change that shebang up there it will still always yeild /usr/bin/ruby Any thoughts?

Anonymous: See 8.2 Search Path in the manual (scroll down to the paragraph which starts with ‘Important’)

Great, I’ll be reading this shortly. (BTW.: The online manual is excellent no doubt)


I got the pdf version of this book, and found this to be useful.

There’s a couple of simple things, that he explains, that I seemed to have missed, when first starting to use Textmate, like the convenient option shift C, or the reorganize Bundle Items from the menu structure window and many other things, even if you are not into Ruby.

Can’t wait until the drag command chapter is finished.

regards, marios

BTW.:There is now an updated pdf version which has now the double amount of pages ITC(200), reading it now enjoying it.

regards, marios