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14 September 2006

by Ned Baldessin

Talking about screencasts, have you seen the last PeepCodeepisode, about custumizing TextMate for RoR?

Excellent screencast. Learned new things about the Ruby bundle, test cases and even Ruby features. Well done !

Indeed: really nicely done – perfectly paced, and decorated with lots of educative, carefully planned mistakes!

Thanks very much.

02 November 2006

by Andy Van Fossen

Agreed, an excellent screencast. I had tried the 30-day trial of Textmate, but after watching James’ screencast I purchased it.

05 November 2006

by Matt Baron

How does he autocomplete the local variables?

13 January 2007

by Tomas Varaneckas

To autocomplete local variables simply hit Esc.

19 September 2009

by Cee Kayel

AudioLobe allows you to drop the voice a few octaves and speed it up… worth the $20.