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CSS Workflow Improvements

I just added a proposed image drag command for CSS which inserts different markup based on context, i.e. whether the drop is done as the argument to background, in the root scope of the CSS file, inside url(), etc.

As Justin Palmer’s recent post about CSS image insertion shows, there are other ways to decide on what markup to insert, for example based on (file) naming conventions. I encourage you to go read his inspirational post also to learn how easy these things are to customize (he has nice embedded screencasts to show the functionality he developed). He also did a simple command to find all images in the current project, and offer them to be inserted via a menu.

Recently Brett Terpstra of Circle Six Design also posted about some neat CSS workflow improvements, the bundle was refined based on feedback, and since the mail archive for the second post does not link to the bundle, here is a direct link to his CSS(plus) bundle.

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Thanks for posting this Alan, and thanks to Brett for taking the time to share his CSS(plus) bundle! I made some slight alterations, and combined with my current CSS [CUST] Bundle. There are a few good ones in my custom (Entire Starting Stylesheet with tab stops & a New Section snippets), but nothing that will speed me through writing CSS like Brett’s bundle.

I’m happy to share as well! :)

Nice WORK!