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Happy Halloween

Halloween Icon

Just to give credit where credit is due, the Halloween icon and HTML output theme (for commands) was done by Soryu and the cobweb by Jacob Rus. They also came up with this thing in the first place, I just followed along :)

Even though TextMate is not the first program to have a Halloween theme, the reactions were great, with dozens of images depicting it on Flickr and I got a lot of letters asking how to keep the theme after Halloween is over.

As Duane Johnson notes, some reactions though were also a little unexpected. The first letter I got about it asked if it was a virus, I got a handful of “how do I remove it”, most of those though seemed to not realize it is just a halloween special, and one actually found this theme offensive — not sure if I should mention that I am from the country behind the satirical Muhammad drawings :p

Anyway, happy halloween to all, even if you do not celebrate pagan festivals (which we actually do not in Denmark)!

2006-11-02: Halloween is over, but for those who liked the icon Soryu made it available for download. The cobweb is here. Save it under ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate (yes, TM supports loading the splash screen from outside the application bundle). If you want to have the scaling disabled (works better for this image) then run:

defaults write com.macromates.textmate \
   OakProjectControllerDisableSplashImageScaling 1

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Someone actually emailed you to say they were offended? Ew. Get a life.

Thank you, Allan, this was a very cool surprise, I like it a lot. I instantly had to show this to my non-mac-friends. We traditionally don’t have halloween over here in Germany, too, but still there was a big sell out on pumpkins last week and I couldn’t get one after driving around and looking for one for hours. Anyway, happy halloween, too!

31 October 2006

by guerom00

Yeah, that was the last thing last year when Quicksilver got a Halloween theme (and was renamed Tricksilver :D) : people thought it was a virus…

We loved it.

It was very thoughtful, and shows that you care about your audience and user base enough to give them a “treat”. Haha…

Happy Halloween!!

Awesome - yet another example of why I enjoy TextMate so much: it’s fun.

Yes, I’d love to keep this as my icon for TextMate … is this possible?

I would love to get this update, but for some reason the install just freezes and never recovers on my system. :(

Can I at least download the icon and theme seperately?

I would love to get this update, but for some reason the install just freezes and never recovers on my system. :(

You can download the version linked on this page. It’s the same build.

Keep these things up :) The pumpkin is making me happy.

Very cute, thanks! I’ve already backed up the resources so the spooky coding party can go on indefinitely :D

It put a grin on my face this morning that lasted all day. Even more fun (certainly more unexpected) than Google’s front page! Thanks for that little bit of fun.

Very clever! I wish I’d seen it today. :-( I just now did the update, and I didn’t see the web until I created a new blank project. Definitely fun stuff, tho! :-)

I was completely confused by this. I was in the middle of using TextMate when this tried to install itself last night. I tried to stop it, only to later find a ‘TextMate.old’ file in my Applications folder today after I double-clicked on a text file and OS X asked me if I wanted to launch TextMate “for the first time”. Apparently the update is mandatory :)

Awesome! Very well done! I like it!

I thought it was great. the cobweb totally caught me off-guard. awesome.

I did not enjoy this at all. Although I am not the one that emailed Allan, I found this offensive and promptly removed the theme. Please understand I do not think it is offensive because I am some fanatical weirdo. But the roots of Halloween are in animal and human sacrifices as well as rape in the name if Satan. This is not just something that happened hundreds of years ago, this happens today in abundance; in the U.S. Canada and UK. If you don’t believe me ask a Satanist or wiccan or do your own research. Many religions have an issue with the practice of Halloween including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Even many Atheists don’t like it because of the animal and human damage done every year in relation to this event. That said, it really wasn’t the above reasons that offended me most but it was the fact that it was just assumed that I accepted this holiday and wouldn’t get offended. I am sure you wouldn’t have a Chanukah or Nativity theme so you wouldn’t offend people. The Islamic holiday Ramadan happened recently but I never noticed TextMate having a green theme with a crescent moon. How disappointing.

Kyle: Rape and human sacrifices? happens today in abundance? where on Earth do you get your information from?

As for not having other religious themes: Halloween is not a religious event, it is American pop culture (based on celtic tradition)

And I don’t see how making you look at a pumpkin icon forces you to accept anything.

It was a welcome surprise for me!

Halloween is halloween. Some see the glass half full, others half empty. I just think the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. It’s pop culture in the United States regardless where it came from. No religion attached to it (similar to what christmas is becoming in several countries), thus I doubt he meant to offend anyone.

Then again by his quote “not sure if I should mention that I am from the country behind the satirical Muhammad drawings :p” it makes me think he doesn’t really care :P, It was for fun, don’t take things too seriously

So, seriously, how do I remove it?

Enjoyed the theme - thanks. But yeah, how do I change it back? Halloween is like, SO last month.

And when do us Brits get a Guy Fawkes theme? ;-)

Kyle - you seriously need to get a life, or a girlfriend. Sheesh…some people.

It’s cute, it made me smile. But I would like to remove it now. My visual memory is being messed with cause I can’t see the nice purple icon to select when command-tabbing!

I don’t celebrate Halloween, and I honestly didn’t know what was going on. I just thought it was an incredibly cool new icon, but it felt very out of place for a text editor. Wasn’t until I visited this site that I got the connection. Sort of a Halloween mystery. Funny stuff.

Halloween is now over. How the heck do I get rid of this theme??

I really enjoyed the “trick”… I bought my first mac just a few days ago, and little touches like that really reminded me of what makes the mac experience so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the fun!

yeah, how can i remove this theme? i dont like it at all.

01 November 2006

by Anonymous

Not sure the halloween theme was such a good idea. I - and probably some others - had no idea what was going on after the new version installed itself. Someone hacked into TextMate? TextMate development has ended? What’s that depressing black screen w. spiderweb doing there all of sudden? We don’t celebrate halloween (Holland) and it actully took a while to see this had something to do with halloween. Don’t really see the point of theming a killer app into a childrens toy. Sorry. So… how do you remove it?

I’m guessing we’ll have to wait until the next beta, unless you want to replace the image and icon in the package manually.

Or at least wait til the engineer wakes up and comes into the office. ;o)

We do not celebrate Halloween in Greece, but the icon and the theme was great! Keep it as an option in future releases, pleaaaase :)

Very cool! I was surprised! :) I thought, huh what is that icon? I don’t know that program…. and nice icon. :) I was a little scared by the spider web, I thought Textmate was broke, but then I looked closely, I saw it was a web. Should do this too on Xmas! :D


I know that we’re all happy people here in OS X land, but, I found this to be more trick than treat.

It could have been some kind of trojan after all and the fact that I had to come here to make sure it wasn’t was a bit annoying, frankly.

Sorry to be so uncool. Beej

How can I change back to the original icon? How many days for the update to disable the Halloween theme from my editor? Thank you.

Ok, ok… sheesh – here’s how to set it back (aside from waiting for an updated version):

  • Download TextMate v1.5.2
  • Drag TextMate.app (v1.5.2) to Desktop
  • Right-click Textmate.app & select “Show Package Contents
  • Copy these files: ** TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/Splash.png ** TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/TextMate.icns

Now go find your current Textmate.app in your Applications folder, show package contents, and replace the two matching files.


Oh, and… http://iconfactory.com/home/show/1413

Andrew, as if we don’t have other ways to spend our time.

Hmm, that sorted out the icon but not the spider’s web, even though I have the correct splash graphic in the package. That’s annoying! :-(

Seriously guys, find something important to worry about rather than a damn icon and splash page…

Oh so now I’m the loser for helping silence the silliness? ;-)

Well, I’m off to go measure the diameter of my collected earwax, since apparently I have nothing better to do.

01 November 2006

by Martin Hauser

Waaaaaaah, can’t believe it. Some people just get offended over some ICON? Damnit people, what’s so wrong about it…. I guess i’ll keep it to have it an option for use some time. Nice Idea and as usual keep the good work up over there.


Report back, k?

Andrew, ignore the people that complained. No matter what you do you’ll offend someone. You can either worry about offending and do nothing or just enjoy yourself and do what you want. I, at least, got a kick out of it. As long as I’m not still looking at the jack ‘o lantern come the New Year I’ll be happy.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Cocoa completions in the Objective-C bundle for this build. That’s huge news.

I did, though: http://theocacao.com/document.page/332

This is not just something that happened hundreds of years ago, this happens today in abundance; in the U.S. Canada and UK. If you don’t believe me ask a Satanist or wiccan or do your own research. If you don’t believe me ask a Satanist or wiccan or do your own research.

I’m guessing they wouldn’t say “sure, I participate in rape, plus human and animal sacrifice as part of my regular Halloween festivities!”

If I wrote off every holiday that started out as a pagan festival and morphed over the centuries into something else, I’d have to ditch both Christmas and Easter as well, and that would be no fun at all.

Nice to see the good ol’ tradition of blood libel hasn’t changed, though.


@John Topley

re: the spider web

the image you want to change is spider_web.jpg in the same location as the others. I think the web is kinda cool, but it has the wrong kind of connotations for program development… :-) So I’m using one from here: http://www.teslamotors.com/styling/wallpaper.php You will have to quit and restart TM for the change to take affect. Now if I only had US$100,000.

Well, I came back here hoping to get this stupid jack-o-lantern off of my dock. Instead I get some instructions that don’t help and a snotty link to a page about custom icons being buggy in apple.

Why would you intentionally do something like this?

You remind me of John Kerry!

yikes, you people are sensitive. :) i thought it was pretty funny and totally harmless, and i guess it will return to normal with the next update.

02 November 2006

by Will Fitzgerald

OK, enough’s enough. It was funny for one day, but please restore the regular editor theme.

Okay - maybe I’m duplicating here - I haven’t read all of the responses, so sorry if this is redundant. Anyway, my first thought when I noticed it was “What the hell happened to Blapp? Once I hovered and realized it was TextMate, I chuckled and thought “Kudos to you guys - you’ve beaten Google at their own game!”

Great work [plus you did updates in addition to the .icns change]. -d

02 November 2006

by Paul McCann

Wow, this comment stream is really depressing; while there’s always going to be a tiny percentage of people who are going to take offence at something, become obnoxiously impatient, whine about 2 minutes effort to change something, act like ungrateful turds, etc etc, I guess the horror show evident in this thread is excellent evidence that even a tiny percentage of a large number can be more than big enough.

So maybe it just underlines TextMate’s success. Ah well…

Sense. Of. Perspective.



Wow, I didn’t know there would be so much controversy. The only thing that disappointed me is that I missed out on the Quicksilver aka Tricksilver Halloween this year.

TextMate morphing into a virus taking over your mac? Must be Windows(tm) refugees.

It makes me sad to see these adverse reactions. Allan’s busting his ass day and night to provide us stable and frequent updates. Why do you have to kick him in the teeth for a sense of humor?

I personally liked the icon better than the default so I’m keeping it.

The best way to avoid this is to not update your TextMate on edge.

Unfotunately, it looks like the fun has ended.

It’s funny how this thread has generated more comments than any of the actual informational posts.

I guess everyone agrees that TextMate is a really great app and appreciates all the work that’s being done. As far as I’m concerend the issue had nothing to do with feeling offended, being unthankful, or whatever. It’s just that when you work with TextMate every single day and suddenly application icons and stuff look well.. different, it doesn’t help the workflow you’re so used to. That’s all. Thanks for changing it back.

This is ridiculous. This is a great piece of software and exceedingly professional in every regard. Then, this uncharacteristic moment of “immaturity” that interrupts the work of the few “uncool old windows refugees” who actually use the software professionally and have decided to take OS X into a world dominated by idiots who think that “Vista is gonna be great!”

Suddenly we, the loyal and grateful users of the software who PAY for the priviliege of having “Allan bust his ass all day” are made to feel lame for not appreciating something that interrupts our work and, lets face it, wasn’t exactly going to make anyone pee in his pants laughing anyway.

If this were free-ware have at it with exuberant creativity for its own sake. If you want us to pay for this software, GROW UP! It has nothing to do with having a sense of humor and everything to do with knowing what people who pay for your software expect from you.

Hmm.. I understand some of you may not be able to recognize the shape of the textmate icon right away. And that’s fair. And some of you may have religious issues - but to seriously compare paying the purchase price of €39 to ‘paying for allen to bust his ass all day’? And that it ‘interrupts your work?’ For what? 10 seconds? Did the cobweb catch your mouse and not let it go or something?

If we lived in the world you described, beej, we’d all have to toe the line for fear our gov’t was listening in on us, or could lock us up at a whim indefinitely, or declare martial law for whatever they wanted… Even if they couldn’t tell the truth to save their own souls. Oh.. hmm.. ;)

Seriously, though - ‘you remind me of John Kerry?’ For an icon?? Get out and get some fresh air. Mac apps, INCLUDING professional ones, have a long history of ‘easter eggs’ - Quark and its little alien, Photoshop had several, and even (like, omg!!) the FINDER itself! (Anyone remember the Pirate flag one?). If a sense of humour is immature… it’s not as if textmate popped up annoying dialogs that said ‘Trick or Treat’ 10x a minute… or randomly deleted your last 2 hours’ work…

And by the way - since you’ve got Textmate, have you considered updating your website to something a little bit more 21st century? Last time you changed that thing was in 2004 with Frontpage 6!! Glad to have you on the ‘Mac side’, but please… learn to roll with things.

That’s so boring. If you want a boring editor, use Windows Notepad. It didn’t change its icon for nearly 12 years now!

Allan: since the world is too weird for this type of humor, would it be possible to make changing themes possible, maybe via bundles? I’d like to have that Ramadan theme, for example :)

I’m switching my Adium icon once a month, just to have a change some time. Visual change is a good thing - it keeps you awake.

Oh, and another thing:


Okay, grow up was uncalled for perhaps, but it wasn’t directed at Allan, it was directed at those who can’t appreciate where people who were annoyed by this were coming from.

Just realize that not everyone has the same sense of humor you do and some people get VERY stressed out at work for reasons that you could not have any way of knowing. Therefore, mandated humor is not always going to be well received.

No need to start calling the “humorless” people lame and telling them to get a life (even if they, like myself, probably should).

In any case, many thanks for this indespensible product in the first place and for changing it back to the way it was so that wankers like myself can get back to the business of having no life. ;-)

I just got the latest revision this morning. Having read through this comment thread yesterday, I love the Release Notes:

[2006-11-02: REVISION 1324] [REMOVED] TextMate no longer pays tribute to human sacrifices, rape, nor does it show a picture of the God of the deaths in your dock – ticket 945BEB5D

You guys are awesome…

I guess something for Christmas is out of the question…

That would be like declaring war against the Islamic world and rubbing it in for the valued users that are stressed-out, overworked, and locked up in their office not able to get a vacation.

Maybe we can get a new option in the Preference Panel.

” “ Check to disable sense of humor

Ok, so for those of us that want to keep the theme, or at least the icon, where can I lay my hands on the appropriate TextMate.icns? I really liked the angry pumpkin.

“I guess something for Christmas is out of the question…”

” ” Check to disable sense of humor

Now THAT was funny!

Now shouldn’t a Mac be able to sense when I’m in a pissy mood and enable/disable that option automatically?

We don’t celebrate All Hallows’ Eve in Spain, but the icon and Blogging theme were very cool and made me smile for a while. I hope you’ll make new changes next year. Thanks Allan.

I want my Halloween theme back…the last update erased it.

Even though that I am not American, I LOVE the theme. Please keep on providing themes such as this one. It really makes a difference.

If you don’t believe in themes get a Windoze PC and be quiet. Mac’s are Mac’s are Mac’s.

I really enjoyed it. Pity there’s so many OMGZWTF!!11 responses here though.

Wow. Interesting reading here, that’s for sure! For what it’s worth, I loved having the little changes. Pleasant surprise, and made me smile. I wonder if everyone got as pissed at Google for changing their logo for the day?

02 November 2006

by Joe User

Or if people got pissed at George Bush for hugging a trick-or-treater. http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/10/images/20061031-11_p103106pm-0316-515h.html

Great idea guys. Keep up the good work.


This has got to be a prize winner for best release notes ever.

From: “[2006-11-02: REVISION 1324]”

[REMOVED] TextMate no longer pays tribute to human sacrifices, rape, nor does it show a picture of the God of the deaths in your dock – ticket 945BEB5D

This program is a shining example of independant Mac software. The icons, release notes, and other extras just add to it. Great Job!

Awesome job with the theme. I was pleasantly surprised.

If you don’t believe me ask a Satanist or wiccan or do your own research. Many religions have an issue with the practice of Halloween including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Obviously, this Kyle person does not know a thing about Wicca. Maybe he should do his own research before posting.

On a brighter note, I do think y’all should start on having more themes (like Google does with their logo). :D

03 November 2006

by Anonymous

Also, good way to let people who never RTFM or the blog/wiki [often enough] - (like me) find out about features like changing the background in project view. Me likes :-) If TextMate weren’t such a serious minded editor i’d put in a feature request of being able to change the background of the editing area as well, so you could edit on, say, parchment, or a black, cracked ‘80ies CRT. Then again maybe better if development focused on important things :-)

I am still ROTFL for the log of the last update and its mention of the removal of the Halloween theme. Kudos, mate, Davide

In fact the theme was funny, and the log even more. But the funniest thing are the bigots who got angry for the theme (of course I’m not speaking about those who found the theme disorienting or ‘unprofessional’: while I have a different point of view, I respect their position).

I really didn’t believe they really existed.

I would love to get this update.

Halloween’s been cancelled this year? sobs

love Textmate by the way - couldn’t manage without it!