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Graceful Objective-C Snippets

Here is a direct link to the latest screencast by yours truly.

It is an impressive display of what can be achieved with a bit of realtime transformations on text typed (in snippets) and context sensitive expansion.

None of the stuff demonstrated is hardcoded, it is all achieved using the simple extension mechanisms of TextMate, and not even IDEs hardcoded for a given language show this level of grace! :)

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17 March 2006

by Geir-Tore

Wow, that was an impressive presentation with high coolness factor! ;-)

Would be great if someone could create a screencast for html/css too…that is what I’m working on now and it would be great with a demonstration of the options available for that type of coding. Yeah, I know I can try it out by looking at the bundle, but it is a lot easier to get a grasp of it by looking at a screencast demonstration ;-)

Awesome! That was a great way to start the day for me :). It was nice to hear your voice too.
I wonder, would it make sense for the insert method snippets to do a similar thing that Dr Drang did with Markdown links, and have it insert both the interface and the implementation part of the method? I find it very irritating to have to write the exact same stuff twice.

Or maybe have a command that, when executed inside a method implementation or declaration, it goes to the appropriate space and creates the other one.

Wow. That is freakin’ amazing. I havent tried TextMate yet, but after seeing that video I’m going to have to give it a try. Keep up the great work!

Geir-Tore: I should do a HTML/CSS screencast — though I myself rarely work with HTML, so the “tricks” I use for that are limited.

Haris: Not everything in the implementation needs to be in the interface — only the public stuff (which is generally in its own file).

The way I work is either I write a public interface in the header, and when I have settled on the methods I want to be in that interface (after a lot of editing, moving around, and such), I copy’n’paste these to the implementation, and use a macro to turn them from prototypes into methods.

Othertimes I have an implemented method that I want to promote to public, and I then copy’n’paste the signature to the header.

18 March 2006

by James Schend

Ok, you’ve sold me on the product, but I refuse to give any business to Paypal. How am I supposed to buy a license?

James Schend: My alternative merchant account has higher service fees and will not make money available to me before long after the purchase — so I am reluctant to provide it as an alternative (as long as PP works for the customer), but if you feel really strong about the PP issue, please do write to sales at this domain, and I will give you further info.

But I hope of course that you will make an exception with respect to PP in this case :)

28 March 2006

by Anonymous

Would you redo/re-encode the screencast in a larger format?

04 April 2006

by jeroen

I’d also like to see more on HTML. I love TM for Ruby/RoR development but find it rather lacking for HTML/CSS, but I’m sure I’m not using it to its full potential :-)

BTW, the resolution in this screencast is too low for me, I can’t read anything

It wasn’t intentional that it got recorded at 70% of its size. I will make future screencasts 1:1.

When this one is viewed full screen, it should be possible to follow what is actually written.

Its funny that someone requesting you (Allan) do extra work, and they won’t even take the time to fill out their name in this post. The internet can be such a me-me-me environment. Great app, Allan. I use it every day.

08 February 2008

by Guillaume

Allan, where can I find the macro you are talking about in your first comment of this post, to turn prototypes into methods?

If you also wrote one working the other way (from methods to prototype), that would be really great.

Thank you!