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Thanks Apple!


Here is a thank you to whoever at Apple fixed the font cache corruption bug which prevented ATSUI from using the bold variant of Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.

Thanks! Source looks so much nicer with true bold, and Terminal benefits as well!

I have been seeing true bold for a few days now (since upgrading to 10.4.6), so this fix seems to be for real, and so is my excitement! :)

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06 April 2006

by Trevor

So I take it you like BVSM better than Monaco then? Any particular reason why?

Also, why is bold so important for you? I guess I’m pretty ignorant on this point, but what types of text do you like to see bolded in source and the Terminal?

P.S. A better link to BVSM is here: http://www.december14.net/fonts.shtml

Sweet! Nice font, thanks for the pointer.

Trevor: It just has a nicer feel to it. For example the 0 and small case I in BVSM seems to have slightly more symmetry. But they are very similar.

Of course the drawn italic and bold versions also help, especially now that they are used 100% of the time :)

As to what I use bold for, mainly keywords. For me text needs to be black, and keywords need to be bold and black.

In Terminal, it’s mainly seen in manual pages (the use of bold) but I also have my prompt show the time in bold — this makes for a good indicator of where each “prompt” is found, as it is marked with a bold time-stamp at the beginning of the line (mainly when I scroll back through a lot of command executions).

The fake synthetic bold doesn’t stand out in the same way as the designed bold, making me hardly notice when something was actually bold.

07 April 2006

by Domenico C.

of course, it does work just as good with consolas ^_^
I redesigned my themes to take advantage of the new bold goodness, and now I’m 0.5% more productive!

::dances in the aisles as he goes to add bold to Twilight::

ooo… Consolas looks so pretty now, now we get real italic and not just oblique.

I used BSVSM for a long time but I was eventually won over by Consolas. It doesn’t fell like a monospaced font (which it is), more like a standard screen font.

Ooops… looks like it corrupted again. So much for that.

Crap! Well, I still see true bold. But maybe 10.4.6 didn’t fix it, just flushed the font cache, and I will see it break again in a few days :/

Someone at IRC wrote about messed up characters after upgrading to 10.4.6, so sadly ATSUI might still be broken.

I’m running 10.4.6, using Consolas, and seeing the real bold and italic. Life is good.

this sounds like a good reason for upgrading :-)

Consolas looks a hell of a lot like Andale Mono which I’ve been using as my code font for quite a whiile now.

I installed this Bitsream Vera and it is similar, too!

There’s something about the not-quite-serif-yet-not-quite-sans-serif font that is just beautiful! Is there a name for this style of font hybrid?

Oh and where can I dowload Consolas for Mac? :D

I’m using 10.4.6, and I can’t tell the difference between bold/regular Vera unless I turn off Anti Aliasing… I’d rather not do that… but I’d like bold…

Actually… is their a way to specify a different font for bold?

Yes I am thinking abou upgrade too!

looks like 10.4.7 actually fixed it!

consolas truetype:


Here’s all six of MS’s ClearType font collection in a handy zip. Microsoft also offer a Consolas font pack but it’s an exe file, and FileJuicer can’t get anything out of it.