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Macworld 2007

This January booth S1538 at the Macworld exhibition will be staffed by:

  • Jacob Rus (jacobolus)
  • Michael Sheets (infininight)
  • Stanley Rost (Soryu)

They are all indirectly involved in the development and thus have good insight into the future direction of TextMate. So if you want to ask questions, discuss features, or just say hi, be sure to drop by the TextMate booth found at the ADC pavilion.

If you are in search of a free pass, look no further.

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You punks! Oh, I wish I could go.

But, seriously. If anyone would be there, it’s you guys. totally.

Maybe you could print out a full size photo of me and have everyone take their picture with me. That’s almost the same.


Macworld Rocks! This is my fifth time and I love it! So much that I throw parties and help out new people. i spend day after day for 90 days leading up to the show browsing blogs and writing those that are going to the show in hope to helpin them out. My site is a good resource for you. I have a first timer’s guide, links to events and after hours affairs and more.


I’m throwing my yearly party in SF as well. every person wearing a macworld badge is invited


my other events are here: http://upcoming.org/user/34666/

hit me up if you have any quesitons macworld@dailytechtalk.com