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New Zealand (Vacation)

Wednesday the 29th of November I am leaving for New Zealand. I will be gone for no less than 10 weeks, so the return date is the 9th of February 2007.

While I am gone, I recommend that you send usage questions and similar to the mailing list or use the IRC channel. And for problems, be sure to check the self-help section at the wiki and skim the table of contents of the manual for a potential feature you seek.

Should you have a problem with the purchase interface or similar, you can of course still use the appropriate email addresses at the contact page, as there will be someone handling this while I am gone.

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27 November 2006

by Tim Buchheim

Enjoy your vacation!

Have fun in NZ Allan! You definitely have earned this vacation. ;)

Have fun, Allan!

have a great time, you have more than earned it. cheers

Have fun, Allan! I’m living in Te Anau (Fiordland) at the moment, but am heading back to the States in Dec. Very sad :(. NZ is a wonderful country. You’ll have a great time!

Have fun, hope you have a great time!

Have fun, and anjoy while it lasts.

28 November 2006

by Jakub Nešetřil

Enjoy the holidays Allan and come back full of fresh new energy to code all the cool new features in TextMate.

You’ve picked a great time to come to NZ.

Enjoy and have a great time, maybe i’ll know all the tricks in TextMate when you come back.

I’ll be there from the end of January. Maybe we’ll meet ;) Have fun! I know I will. NZ’s great!

I’d like to wish you a good time over there in NZ and express my thanks for all the work and support you have provided together with TextMate. It has helped me a lot.

regards, marios

Hope you have a great trip! I’d like to invite you to document your vacation at http://www.gusto.com (to whatever degree you feel comfortable). Every line of code that drives gusto was written with textmate so it would be very cool for you to use it. Let us know when you get your account set up and we’ll insure that you get 10 gig of space for uploading photos (normal users get 1 gig of space).

30 November 2006

by ryansupak

As others have said, you’ve earned it. Thanks for conceiving such a terrific product.

If you’re in Hokitika and need internet access, drop in.

hehe, sweet! Kia ora, haere mai! (hello, welcome!)

make sure you try some of the kaimoana (seafood). NZ is having some bad weather atm… hopefully its not affecting your travels.

Drop by Wellington (aka Wellytron), my hometown, try some coffee and savoury muffins from Deluxe Cafe on Cambridge Terrace (next to the famous Embassy theater) - just off of Courtenay Place.

Check out Golden Bay too if you can. That’s in the Nelson area (top of the S. Island). One of the most beautiful places. Auckland is a bit patu (rubbish/not very good/broken) - too much business, not enough culture. Saying that, there is some lovely scenes such as Rangitoetoe island (dormant volcanic island a mile offshore).

Cheers bro - have a great time!

Thanks for textmate … nice. Apologies for the sucky weather in NZ at the moment .. hope it improves before you leave. Ping me if you need internet access if/when in central Christchurch

10 January 2007

by anonymous

have fun in cupertino!