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Objective-C Part 2 (Screencast)

Here is a direct link (10:39 / 11 MB) to part two of the original Objective-C snippets screencast.

This shows a few nice features found in the C and Objective-C bundles:

  • documentation lookup, including following links in man pages
  • reformatting objective-c method signatures
  • auto-insertion of:
    • start brackets (when at the end position)
    • alloc/init/autorelease (after typing class name)
    • missing includes (based on which functions the source call)

I realize that the mouse pointer delay makes it a little hard to follow when I use the mouse to navigate menus (and documentation). The keyboard noises are also louder than on my previous screencasts. Not sure why.

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01 May 2006

by Jasper

Great screencasts! I think they are a very effective way to explain non-textmate-users the idea behind textmate. Two suggestions:
1) on the textmate homepage, there is a link to screencasts. Shouldn’t that link to a wiki page with all the screencasts instead of linking to a blog post with screencasts that where available mid dec. 2005?
2) Maybe it would be a good idea for non-users to make a beginners screencast with basic tips and do-s and don’t-s or something.

Jasper: actually, the blog post linked to, has a link to a screencast feed, which lists all the screencasts (but requires an RSS reader (like iTunes).

I will probably do an HTML page in the future though (as I do see the added value of this).

I just got around to seeing this, and it was awesome! I particularly liked the reflowing of function declarations and the transformation to get rid of the front bracket in the autorelease part. I haven’t used transformations like that yet, and it was nice to see them in action.

I’m definitely using TM for my next Obj-C project, which appropriately enough will probably be a TM plugin.

Ok, back to my thesis. Please, please, more obj-C screecasts.

I’m trying TM 1.5.1 on both a PPC PowerBook and an Intel iMac and am loving it. These screencasts are great for showing things off.

My problem is that I don’t seem to have the “format message signature” command (on either machine). Screenshot of my obj-c commands @ roobasoft.com/images/tm_objc_commands.png Did I miss something? Thanks.

BrianC: This command might not be available in the standard TextMate. Go to Preferences → Software Update and switch to “Cutting Edge”.

much better, that took care of it. Might be worth a footnote on the post? or I guess your comment serves that purpose. Anyway, thank you much.