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Very nice! I had actually never used the searches yet, but I sure will now!

Btw, what I’d really like to have is a command that searches in Wikipedia for the selection/current word, and returns the link to the right page, instead of the search page. Not sure how to achieve that though. I tried modifying my Feeling Lucky command, but Wikipedia did not seem to like that very much.

Once again a great screencast.

26 July 2006

by Paul McCann

Aah, yet another case of “that looks cool, but doesn’t work for me at work because of the presence of an authenticating proxy server”. Fortunately my ruby-foo is getting marginally better, and I just changed the “Feeling lucky” command so that instead of

response = Net::HTTP.get_response…..

I have instead

response = Net::HTTP::Proxy(“myproxy.address”,8080,”user”,”pass”).get_response…

Everything worked beautifully after that.

Cheers, Paul

I thought you said seaches in Bundle were an longtime plan when I asked you to do it? ; )

I guess it just was too valuable to not to and I love it! Now I get even more efficient.

Another screencast where I was like “Bah, I don’t need this” before seeing it, and I’m now like “Man, this is cool!” after :)

Yay TextMate.

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I tried changing the I’m feeling lucky to use wikipedia using this

!/usr/bin/env ruby

word =STDIN.read require ‘net/http’ require ENV[‘TM_SUPPORT_PATH’]+”/lib/progress.rb” TextMate.call_with_progress(:title => “Feeling Lucky”, :message => “Asking Google for the link”) { response = Net::HTTP.get_response(URI.parse(URI.escape(“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=#{word}&go=Go”))) print “#{word}” }

however, this does not work, it returns nothing and inserts a blank link

Fred, maybe a better approach is to use the wiki command. Have a look at the manpage.

Hey, I couldn’t find the bug report page so i’ll do it here instead. I don’t know what you did on the last update but textmate keeps crashing on certain PHP pages.

When I load the page it shows just the first few lines syntax highlighted, when I try to edit anything it crashes.

Actually it seems to crash on even the simplest of things:

wesley: the HTML grammar would cause an infinite loop when two PHP tags touched each other — there is an update out to fix it.

Where is the Web Searches bundle?