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Going to WWDC and T-Shirts

There has been a lot of requests for TextMate t-shirts so Zachary Cohen printed a bunch of these using a “for print” version of the TextMate icon (by Wolfgang Bartelme) and a nice Rich Siegel quote on the back — here is Zachary posing in the shirt.

He is going to ship them to my hotel in San Francisco so that I have something to offer in exchange for free drinks :)

This will be my first trip to both WWDC and the United States so I have two things to look forward to. I plan to be at the Webloggers Party monday night.

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Could you make a spreadshirt’s shop (http://www.spreadshirt.com/) for textmate ?? (with t-shirts, mug, bags…

it would be great !

04 August 2006

by Brian P

Allan, I plan on going to the Webloggers party. I’ll look for you there to welcome you to the US. It has been rather cool here in SF recently (predicted high for Mon is 17C) so bring a light jacket.

I’ll definitely try to buy a t-shirt from you!

“(predicted high for Mon is 17C) “

weird…here in Toronto weve been hitting record highs of 40 degrees

hope you have fun in the US

Is there any way to buy one of ‘em t-shirts without being at WWDC? I definitely want one!

Oh man I want one of those.

I’m another person who would love to get one of the shirts outside of WWDC.

I would also like to get one of those t-shirts, but I won’t be at WWDC. If you make ‘em available online, I’m sure you’d sell quite a few.

I also would be pleased for a chance to buy a TextMate t-shirt.

05 August 2006

by dj moonbat

I don’t think TextMate has yet lived up to its potential–that is to say, it’s not yet the perfect fusion of a programmable Unix editor and a d-n-d Cocoa app. But if Siegel was referring to TextMate as an “overnight” editor that reflected badly on the platform, I want some of the sweet, sweet hallucinogens he’s on.

BBEdit is an outstanding OS9 editor, probably without peer. And it runs just fine under OS X. But BBEdit 8 doesn’t think like an OS X app; Apple added Unix for a reason, and any editor that fails to use that underlying plumbing is only half a Mac editor.

Brian: I don’t really know anyone over there, so I will appreciate any gesture toward making me feel welcome :)

The rest: there will most likely be a chance to buy these t-shirts online later.

Allan, good to hear that you’re going to WWDC. I’ve been a long-time evangelist of TextMate, so I welcome the opportunity to thank the inventor in person. :)

I’ll look for you at the Webloggers party.

08 August 2006

by Joshua Monroe

Allan, congratulations on the ADA.

08 August 2006

by Brent Dayman

I’ll second Joshua - congratulations - great stuff!

Congrats, Allan! The ADA is well deserved.

Just heard the news (well, saw it on DF). Congrats!

09 August 2006

by Eric O'Connell

Allan, congratulations on the ADA! I can’t think of a more deserving and essential tool than TextMate, this truly is fitting. Enjoy your stay in the states!

Tillykke med prisen Allan!



(langt ude, min første tanke var at hoppe herinde og skrive tilllyke på dansk)….


Congratulations. I think, that this is well deserved. And nice stay in the US I am very happy with TM, not only has it improved my Typing skills significantly, but it will also allow me to get all my lost time back, by doing more in less time.(Even, If Idon’t know anything about programming) Every minute that I invest to learn more, about how to use it better, is worth gold for me.

regards, marios

Congratulations on the award! Well deserved. I like textmate more the more I use it… best 39 Euros I spent on software in a long time.

Congrats on the award!!!

09 August 2006

by Mike Ter Louw

Congrats, Allen! Well deserved. :)

Well done and please keep up the great work! Textmate rocks!

09 August 2006

by Blake Treves

Where and when can I get the shirts, congrats on the award, <3 Textmate.

Wow !!! congratulations for the awards !!!

But it isn’t really a surprise… TextMate IS the BETTER tool for develloppers !!

May you sell TM’s t-shirts online please !!!!!!

I LOOOOOVE TextMate !!

congratulations! you deserved it :D


10 August 2006

by dj moonbat

I guess TextMate does reflect well on the platform…

I love textmate, seriously.

Congratulations Apple Design Awards Joshua!

must. buy. t-shirt.

p.s. congrats on the award. well deserved! it was one of the apps that justified the switch to the mac.

I also would love to buy this, or a different TextMate t-shirt to show off at my university. :D