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The actual experimental download version is a beta, bugs are expected. Some reports about documents , without any scope marching for HTML tags are caused partly from the ugly unconventional solution to include a patched HTML Grammar version, as there is no other way to tell the HTML not to match TXP tags. Also, code constructs with nested TXP tags inside HTML e.g.:

<li <txp:zem_nth step=1 of=2>class="odd"</txp:zem_nth>><txp:linkdesctitle /></li>

or asymmetric quoted strings will not give you the desired results.

The Repository Item for the link_to_prev tag matches mistakenly link_to_previous, instead of prev.

Should be fixed in the next version.

Any suggestions, to improve this Bundle are welcome.

regards, marios

Some observations I’ve come across so far :

*When the Language Grammar finds an unclosed tag, then all the scopes after that missing closing tag disappear.

*When it finds quoted strings followed by attributes with values in tags with multiple attributes, then the attribute values loose their scopes

*When it finds untagged strings like word-characters,with either exclusive default include rule of text.html.txp, or text.html.txp, then those parts that follow these strings loose all their scopes.

(Probably what tenthumbs was talking about.)

So far, regards, marios

The symptoms described in comment No 2 are caused by the default assorted CSS bundle, I remember, that I had detected that long before, but must have completely forgotten about it. It seems, that it does not make a distinction between inline CSS and an external CSS style sheet, although I didn’t look at the Grammar Rules yet.

In order, to circumvent this, remove the include statement { include = ‘source.css’; },

from your TXP L-Grammar.( Around line 158 )

regards, marios

Two corrections: For comment Nr 2, second observation, should read: When it finds empty quoted strings, and not quoted strings.

And comment Nr three: The third symptom and not the symptoms.

Sorry, for the mistake, regards, marios

*Capture number and scope-name mismatch on generic single plugin-tags



Updated version is available hereThis fixed the ugly display Issue in the Bundle Editor caused by The Language Grammar Syntax, which would cause Some of the Bundles to loose their Names on latest cutting Edge versions. This is compatible with rv(1183), allthough there is still a warning in Console ouput, which doesn’t any harm.

regards, marios

Version 0.5 beta available for download. Details here :



Most errors fixed .

regards, marios

A new version(version 0.7beta) of the TXP Bundle is available here

It is recommended, that you throw your old versions away, prior installing this one. Almost all Errors fixed, and no Error or warning output in Console.

regards, marios