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Interview at Rands in Repose

Before Allan went on vacation in late november, he gave an interview to Rands in Repose and it is now published. Rands in Repose has previously published a very nice article on the subject of TextMate titled Bright, Patient Design.

On a side note, when Allan comes back, he is probably going to be very happy to see the ranking of TextMate on the current Amazon UnSpun list of Best Text Editors.

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I had never seen UnSpun before, very cool. I’m going to have to bookmark that site. As per usual, congratulations Allan!

26 January 2007

by James A Baker

Excellent news!

I went ahead and voted it up as well, not that it needs it much with that kind of commanding lead. :)

Hey ! UpSun and Rands In Repose are pretty cool website :-)

I need Allan to come back soon ! I’m really in lack of TextMate “cutting-edge” update for too long :-p

Had a try with Aptana recently. Those Debugging features could be usefull. ( Javascript ) But I dont’ know what, it just doesn’t feel natural for me to work with, so it always goes back to TM, then. I will have to investiagate and loose some time to set up the required Bundles, but at the end, it’ll be so much faster and elegant.

regards, marios