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Missing License Keys

Unfortunately TextDrive is having problems with DDoS attacks which means that (at least some) license key emails are queued locally instead of being fully delivered.

As noted in my previous post I am presently attending C4 in Chicago (that is, registration starts in two hours) so hopefully people registering will be okay with some noticeable delay receiving the license key.

If your copy has expired, and you are affected by the delay, please write textmate (at) gmail dot com and state this (yes, use the gmail address, since the various @macromates.com addresses will also be affected by the DDoS attack).

And for the people affected, please accept my apology — I will look into a backup server solution when I return from vacation.

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Yegads… A DDoS on this site seems like kicking a puppy.

(Huge fan of TM as you might gather).

Hope you’ll be off the hook soon.


19 August 2007

by marceldefaire

Ordered Textmate yesterday and got my license a minute later :) problems solved, I guess.