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Vacation in the States

I am going to spend the next three weeks in the United States.

The first few days will be spent in New York City and then off to Chicago where I am going to the C4 conference (and have even been persuaded to give a talk there). I will go back to NYC for the last week of my stay.

In this period, I won’t respond to much email. But the mailing list and IRC channel will, as usual, serve as outlets for potential support questions — just a FYI, when I reply to a list letter, as opposed to a private letter, I generally spend a little more time on the reply. So if you think sending me support questions in private is better (for you) then you are wrong :)

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Thanks for the update and have fun on your trip.

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Hi Allan Have a great time… I lived in NY for years so if you want any tips (e.g. sushi, world’s greatest hamburger, etc) let me know by email :)

I’m constantly amazed by how cool TM is – I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface but it is unbelievably powerful. Can’t wait for the next version.

allan good luck in the states. while you are here, can you deliver my license key I bought today? i am close to NYC, in new jersey.

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