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[…] 2008-08-12 update:I’ve renamed the repository on GitHub to be fluid-css.tmbundle to conform to the naming suggested by Allan on the TextMate Blog. […]

The other challenge with github’s naming limitations vs typical bundle names is that you lose the capitalisation and any parentheses. So JavaScript (jQuery).tmbundle becomes something like javascript-jquery-tmbundle. Does the TextMate gem + GetBundles cope with this? Is the “true” bundle name stored internally within the info.plist at all or could it be?

Yeah, I originally filed the Project Naming: Allow Periods “.” ticket: http://logicalawesome.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8570/tickets/285

Not that the ticket has been fixed and deployed we should all be using .tmbundle. I recently went in and renamed all my bundles from -tmbundle to .tmbundle

I highly recommend that anyone that currently has any bundles on GitHub also do that. Renaming projects was recently added to Github. This is a one-time step and you’ll never have to think about it again.

@rdnic Yes, teh true bundle name is inside the info.plist in the bundle. It really doesn’t matter what the filename of the bundle is, as long as it has the extension .tmbundle

As github don’t offer a proxying/redirect service after renaming I don’t think I’ll be renaming any bundles (http://skitch.com/drnic/ug4c/i-probably-won-t-be-renaming-tmbundles)

Hopefully the TextMate gem + GetBundles use the info.plist name when cloning these repos locally as the folder name. That would be very cool.

[…] jest utrzymywanych w serwisie GitHub - to właśnie autorów tych dodatków dotyczy wpis na blogu MacroMates zachęcający do ustandaryzowania nazw projektów mających coś wspólnego z […]

I’ gonna stick to Dr. Nic’s method. Maybe it’s just to early to think about it, but surely necessary to publish our complaints.

Does the blogging bundle in TextMate 1.5.8 work with WordPress 2.7 or 2.8?

I haven’t been able to get it to work for ages.

It’s really annoying, actually, since the big yellow error box that pops up vanishes as soon as you do anything. I have been trying to use Grab to get a screenshot of it, but without luck so far.

Milan: Works for me with 2.7.1.

You can change the output of the comment (via bundle editor) from “Show as Tool Tip” to something like “Create New Document” to get the error output copyable.

Here is the error it always produces when I try to fetch posts.

Milan: That indicates that your configured end-point returns a redirect, so you just need to update that to the actual (permanent) location of your blog end point.

This could be something like including ‘www’ in the URL or similar.

Thanks a lot.

Unlike most TextMate users, I am not a programmer. I just like how well it works for editing HTML.

[…] and foremost, GetBundles, GetBundles, GetBundles. Make sure you’ve got Subversion (you’re on a Mac? You probably already have it then) […]