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Interactive Input

Prior to r1509 TextMate had a very neat feature: you could run (⌘R) a piece of C, Ruby, Python, Shell Script, etc. and if the code (directly or indirectly) read from its standard input then a dialog would be shown prompting the user for input.

The way this is done is by injecting a library into the process which overload a bunch of low-level IO functions. Unfortunately this breaks on Snow Leopard, so as a quick fix we removed the library.

Since a lot of users have noticed the lack of interactive input, the instructions to get back this functionality, assuming you haven’t upgraded to Snow Leopard, are as follows:

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Change current directory to TextMate.app, e.g.:

    cd /Applications/TextMate.app
  3. Change into where the library used to reside:

    cd Contents/SharedSupport/Support/lib
  4. Fetch the previous version of the library to this location:

    svn export http://svn.textmate.org/trunk/Support/lib/tm_interactive_input.dylib@11735

There is no need to relaunch TextMate. A quick test is to open a new document, switch to Ruby, enter: STDIN.gets and press ⌘R.

For Snow Leopard users we do plan an updated version of this library, but it is no simple fix so patience is required.

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02 September 2009

by Devon Weller

Wow, I didn’t know TextMate would do this in the first place. That is a neat feature!

Thank you for the fix! It’s working again.

Appreciate all the effort you bring to make TextMate running on Snow Leopard!

02 September 2009

by Anonymous

I tested and this seems to the dylib blend to r1508. It doesn’t work with the R bundle and LaTeX bundle, which two I use all the time. (yeah, I am doing my Statistics PhD project, TM together with this two bundles makes my life much easier)

Hope there will be a new replacement for this soon and all bundles will work well in a not very long time, I mean one or two months are acceptable. Maybe even three, I hope to see them before christmas.

I have been used to do everything within TextMate just as what I did with Emacs in the old days. Emacs is more powerful but TextMate is definitely the most enjoyable one in the world! I am waiting TM2 but I don’t care when it will be released, as TM right now is already so awesome. However, now SL arrived, and problems and bugs raised. Some of them make TM suck (now I cannot run my R program within TM, if add the tm_interactive_input.dylib, it just won’t run. If I delete it, I have use Terminal for input). If the situation continues, I think not only me, and many others may think of going back to vim or Emacs. Leaving TM will be the most panic decision I every made on Mac.

can i know what theme u use?

dev: I think that is Espresso Libre

03 September 2009

by Anonymous


Many thanks for this fix, everything is working again

Im not sure if this is the right place to post but can someone help me get c++ working with TM?

Cool, worked for me

This fix does not seem to work for C++ code - just FYI and if there is an equal fix for that - I’d appreciate it!

A beta version of tm_interactive_input.dylib that works with Snow Leopard is available from http://github.com/alkemist/interactive-input/downloads

Please note that this is beta. That said, it works for me. If you do find an issue with this version, please raise it on the mailing list.

uh i didn’t upgrade to snow leopard but i’ve the same problem

oops i miss it it’s a fix for leopard not snowleopard

works for me

Thank you. I was getting frustrated trying to figure this out.

I had no idea this feature was ever there - now I can’t use it anyway, at least for a while. Allan giveth, Steve taketh away… :-)

Bartolo toco la flauta

Any update on this? It’s a really useful feature when trying out snippets or those little programs you write to while the hours away.

If no update, has anyone seen a workaround for Snow Leopard on the interwebs?

Does anyone know if a recently bought license will feature a free upgrade to TextMate 2? I don’t quite have the cash to buy TextMate and then upgrade, and I feel that TextMate 2 is approaching. I would like to buy TextMate, but not so close to the end of its life cycle where I would have to pay for an upgrade as well.

30 October 2009

by Jason Evers

@Dylan Mikus:


“Will TM2 be a free upgrade?”

Wow. A free upgrade? This has been out for quite some time. That’s rather generous. Thanks.

It will be generous if it ever comes out…

04 November 2009

by Jack Rivers

Its definitely frustrating when you are looking to upgrade your development toolset but the developer shares very little with potential buyers.

Although ensuring a quality product is crucial for its success, if there is no target date in sight; the work will never be completed.

If Allan never said there will be TM2, I would not be looking forward it for so long time. TM now is just perfect. But sine he said it and said he is still working on it, I cannot help checking this site again and again, until one day, I give up. Maybe my son will see TM2 come out, though he is not born yet.

Well, I will probably just go ahead and buy this despite the status of the update. If Allan sticks to his word about free updates (which seems bizarre unless the requirements are changed to anyone who bought TM after a certain date), then I will save some money later.

This program has been quite handy, so I’m not going to wait until TM2. Although, it would be pretty sweet to see something like a beta early in 2010. ;)

21 November 2009

by Trey Campbell

BTW, Luke’s beta tm_interactive_input.dylib works for me on Snow Leopard. Just follow the instructions and use the one that you downloade. Thanks Luke. :)


The update of Textmate I got today broke the Subversion thingy! Now I cannot update/commit/anything from within Textmate.


adasd: We no longer source your shell profile(s).

So your problem is likely caused by TM now finding /usr/bin/svn instead of a custom svn. This would matter since svn has made non-backwards compatible changes to the repository format, so the older (/usr/bin/svn) might be unable to work on your checkouts.

Go to Preferences → Advanced → Shell Variables and either setup TM_SVN to your custom install of svn or edit PATH to include the directory that holds your custom version of svn.

It worked! Thanks Allan :)

PS: as an alternative I was going to just download the currently available version from the web.

Another thing that got broken is the integration with FileMerge, fmdiff, etc. I’m not sure how this is supposed to be fixed now :-/

25 November 2009

by Vincenzo


The integration with FileMerge is not working for me neither… Allan could you help us? I’m not sure if this was caused by the last update.


Vincenzo / adasd: To be honest, I have no idea what this FileMerge integration is, that you speak of ;)

Please write support (or the mailing list) for help and be sure to specify exactly what actions are failing (which bundle they are from) and how they fail (i.e. what result you get).

30 November 2009

by Stu Fuller

FileMerge and fmdiff are difference tools. You use them for programming.

That any integration with TextMate could be broken, and for you not to notice, speaks volumes about how you don’t even use much less test the tools you sell.

No wonder there never will be a TextMate 2, what do you use for diffs, yellow marker on printouts?

Take a clue from why and just disappear without a trace and save us all from waiting for the product that will never come.

Stu: Why so hostile?

I use version control to manage files where changes may come from more than one source. The Git bundle in particular has a great diff visualizer, and git itself makes manual merging something I never do.

As for the FileMerge integration, I can’t possibly test the thousands of commands which exist for TextMate under all possible setups. But if you let me know which command fail, I’ll have someone look into that. I already did have someone test the two FileMerge commands which we bundle with TextMate (in the Git and Subversion bundle iirc), but he was unable to find any problems with these.

I do it but didn’t worked for me :(

Yeah, I upgrade to Version 1.5.9 (1589) and it works! Thanks!

Congratulations MacroMates! You’re number 5 on Wired’s top ten vaporware of 2009! Inhale the Fail http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/12/vaporware-2009-inhale-the-fail/#more-13360

P.S. You should change your name to VaporMates.

22 December 2009

by Sanddorn

GZ to the Vaporware Award!

@James, hehe, yeah. And for a reason. There have been a lot of discussion on this matter and Allan is ignoring the community regarding v2. But wired got it right: “[].. It is perhaps no coincidence that Odgaard’s chosen tagline for his app is “The missing editor for OS X.”

Peter: How am I “ignoring the community”?

Maybe you meant to say I am not granting some peoples’ request for blog posts about 2.0 or info about when it will be released, but I have addressed that a dozen times.

Hey Allan, dont let the TM2-turkeys get you down - I’m pretty sure no-one has a project that is dead in the water because TM2 isnt ready. Next time some-one complains, tell’em to take a teaspoon of concrete and harden the f**k up


I won’t speak directly for Peter, but I will echo what I believe is partially a growing sentiment in the community: That TM has gotten stale, and, because TM2 was expected to have arrived by now (and actually, before now, based on the overall timeline and release cycle of other projects), it seems like you’re neglecting your users directly because there is no perceived sense of urgency to get it done and out to them. And that’s what they want you to do.

I’m not speaking for myself here, since I’d like to have TM2 but I’m more or less happy with TM for what I use it for. Just trying to provide a blatant, but level-headed perspective for you about Peter’s comments (and others).

The problem is not how you do your software but how you do your business. Remember that TM is not a open source project neither a free software. Allan, you are a business man here rather than a purely programmer. As a business man, communication skills are critical. You need learn how to communicate with your customers, either by providing them new products from time to time (6 months a mirror release and 1 year a major upgrade will be usual) or give them some hope.

Yes you have no duty to tell us when TM2 will come out and you have your freedom to release it whenever you wish. But don’t be naive to think the situation right now will keep going on very long. If you still “ignore” ( I cannot find a better word to describe what you are doing) the costumer community, your business will fail eventually even if you provide a “perfect” TM2 after all.

However you can do whatever you want and ignore any comments you think offensive though they are actually very kind or at least honest (like Peter or Ryan, though they may be losing patience like me). But we love TM and we hope you can learn how to be a business man rather than only a purely programmer. Otherwise it won’t go on as long as you wish. Try to think why some small projects came out to be industry giants (like SAS) and others ends as nothing.

Yan: I am aware of these things, the “problem” is that I do not wish to be a business man. I have no desire of being “big”, on the contrary, often I just want to be left alone. I am probably closer to an artist in mentality, that is why I said I’d do 2.0 as a free upgrade (stupid business decision), why I decided I needed a full rewrite to achieve my goals (another stupid business decision, but what kept me motivated), why I probably will end up releasing TM as open source (questionable business decision), and why I’ll probably end up following the advice of Stu and “disappear” when I feel I have left a heritage I am satisfied with (at least I often feel like doing that)…

Don’t put too much in the above, I will finish 2.0 because I am passionate about realizing my vision. As for customers lost that I will never get back due to my careless management: that is a shame both for me and them, but TM has never been about customers, only about building a great text editor, I will strive to do that regardless of number of users / income associated with it.

Not to say users are unimportant, I have gotten great insights from exchanges with users and they have certainly played a big role in the evolution of TM, I am just saying that “you are running your business into the ground” is spoken to deaf ears — maybe not the best saying, as it’s not like I am completely indifferent to the situation, but everything said, I already know, and I don’t think there is much to do right now other than get 2.0 out — yes, I could write some more, but me personally writing is not something I want to pursue anymore, it is just not in my nature, outsourcing it was a fiasco, and presently I don’t want to spend any more resources on that when all that matters to me is just getting 2.0 ready for release (which I pretty much use all available time on).

As for my question to Peter, the things people have translated his statement to is pretty much what I said myself, I don’t take offense with that “translation”, it was his original statement which I think is unfair, because I am not ignoring anyone, I may ignore the wishes of some/many, but it’s my life and my prerogative.

I am reluctantly posting this comment, hopefully it won’t start an avalanche of comments telling me what I should or shouldn’t do, what my mistakes were, how I have let everyone down etc.

26 December 2009

by Jesse Read


I for one still use and will continue to use TextMate for the foreseeable future. You’ve created an extraordinary text editor that has blown away all my previous expectations. When the time comes, if it comes, to replace TextMate - the successor will have some big shoes to fill.

In the end though, it’s your life and your product. As much as I might like this or that or whatever, it’s your program and you can do what you want at the pace you so desire. Or you could not do anything, your call. I hope you still enjoy developing TextMate as much as you did in the beginning, or at least enough where TM2 is a goal that you believe is reachable and worthy of the effort.

Good luck, happy coding, and I look forward to your next release. :)

27 December 2009

by Paul McCann


bravo – beautifully put: hard to see how anyone could have issues with that post, except perhaps some exasperation and/or disbelief at the fact that you’re not motivated the almighty Krone.

All the best for 2010, Paul

Allan, sorry if I have offended you, but Ryan pretty much covered all I meant and wanted to say to that matter. Maybe because he is looking from a “customer/user point of view”, he did it so well.

I know you said “you’re working on it” (back in June?), I know you said you said you’re working really hard to finish 2.0 (sometime in the future), I know you have hired another dev to help you out… but.. Just try to imagine how long people have been waiting for something they really want, they pay for (or willing to do so) but they have this really weird feeling they’ll never get.

Its really a shame to see TM has inspired many more applications out there and they seem to prosper while the original app seems almost “dead” or at least “hibernating”.

Personally I think you wouldn’t be playing around and promising TM2 for nothing. I really do believe that you’re a man of your word. And to prove that I’m pushing the “buy now” button this very instant.

Apart from all of this let me wish you a happy new year and some strong morale. Good luck.


Allan, From one developer to another…

Obviously… I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing you feel a seemingly insurmountable pressure to live up to all the hype built up around this application. And you’re trying to get things to a point where you feel ‘ready’ to show your work. The longer you spend trying to polish your app the more the perceived expectations of your community build and the more pressure you feel.

If I’m right you have two choices.

You can keep trying to push through until you reach a point where feel safe releasing (which you almost definitely won’t be able to do), or you can say screw it an release what you have now and resolve the rest with updates.

While it may seem like you have a virtually unappeasable audience at this point, the reality is that the majority of your users would be absolutely ecstatic to receive an incomplete alpha at this point. Not to mention that they would feel like your care about what they want, which is really what a lot of the dialog is really about.

Just something to consider. There’s always lots of ways to come out happy from a situation.

If I’m right the alternative, is completely burning yourself out and either scrapping the project or open sourcing it. Either of which I don’t think would make you happy.

I think it would feel amazing to just let go, get some points on the board, and move to the next thing. You’ll have far more internal resources to put towards your project once you discharge all this tension that’s in the air.

We’ve all been in project limbo and it’s hellish. Think about it.

Best of luck.

How long did it take you to write TextMate 1 from scratch?

I can understand your frustration, and can only pass along my wishes that the angst doesn’t affect you too deeply. The strong emotions expressed here are a testimony to the degree which people love Textmate and anticipate its next iteration.

Without question Textmate is one of the best applications ever written for developers, and I’ll pay for version 2.0 even if it’s an optional donation.

I hope Textmate will see many future releases, but please pursue the path that is best for you.

Best of luck.

i’m waiting for TM2, even if i have to wait forever – TM1 is still the best editor on OSX (at least for me it is). so, if it’s still the best: why do people complain? it’s a point of view, i had to learn, too. but – ok: there are a lot of feature we all would like to see but why are we using TM1? right: with all it’s features it’s still far ahead of what other editors provide (otherwise we would already have switched to something else).

i would really love to see TM2 anytime in future – but: as long as TM1 is the best choice for me, there is really no reason for me to complain anything.

best wishes for you allan for 2010 …

05 January 2010

by UserNotFound

To harald,

People are not complaining about TM’s quality. It is the BEST text editor for most people in here (that’s why they bother to write stuff in here). The “problem” is that the author said it’s 90% complete. To most people it sounds like soon, but it seems like waiting forever by now. Things are worse when the author does not want to speak about the release date and he does not care much about releasing it earlier if it affects his “art” not finished 120% perfect. I would be mad if I paied €49.


why would you be mad? i think €49 it’s absolutely worth it’s money for TM1 – but that’s only my humble opinion. ok – i registered long before allan started to work on TM2. so maybe it’s different if you pay €49 now or years ago … i’m not sure.

i did not expect TM2 being a free update to TM1 and i think that’s the only mistake allan made: promising TM2 to be a free update.

however: as i said in my previous comment: it’s something a had to learn, too. i started complaining about the TM2 release, too … than i tried several other editors / IDEs out there, including eclipse, coda, subethaedit, etc. and i came back to TM1 and stopped complaining …