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Snow Leopard

I created a wiki page detailing Snow Leopard compatibility issues.

Presently two exist which have workarounds described on that page. I will release a new build shortly (that means, I planned to have it out by now ;) ) which incorporate these workarounds.

There are (or may be) issues with some of the bundle commands written in ruby (as Snow Leopard ships with ruby 1.8.7, which isn’t 100% backwards compatible). We will address these as we see them over the next weeks/months and updated versions should appear in the Subversion repository.

Before you Upgrade

If you do a clean install of Snow Leopard, make sure you have your TextMate license key handy! It can be requested from this page. If you have changed your email address since you bought the program then you can copy/paste the license key from the application by using the “Change License…” button in the dialog which appears when you select the TextMate → Registration… menu item.

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is there any chance you will be supporting substitutions?

29 August 2009

by Ryan Sullivan

@David Clark

I would NOT want this to use Cocoa substitutions while CODING. REALLY? That could mess up tons of my code, how about an OPTION to toggle it?

30 August 2009

by Johan Boström

Thanks for the quick update Allan & co.

Hmm, is there any way to change the email address on file for a given key? I do have my key, but closed my old email account; I’d like to be able to recover my key if I ever lost it. I tried the form with the “changed email address” option, but I don’t know my invoice number and haven’t heard anything back. (I only have a decimal serial number, besides my key and date of sale.)

David: There is always a chance, but it is rather small ATM for multiple reasons: you only want this for prose, there is no real public API for this yet, we prefer not to conditionally use OS features (i.e. we will use OS features when we have the required version as minimum requirement), etc. — adding to all that, TextMate 1.x is not seeing any real development apart from bug fixes, 2.0 is seeing development toward a release, so we are not adding new to-dos for that milestone.

Tom: If you submitted a change request, we will process it eventually. We get a lot of these, so I only look through them roughly once a week.

I plan to improve the system so it will give feedback about “request in the queue” (by email) and maybe some email bounce detection, ideally though people would stop relying on me as a manual backup service ;)

@Ryan Sullivan: And I presume you wouldn’t want spell-checking in there too? Adding it as a bundle feature like spelling already is would work great when in the scope of a string for example.

I have not yet upgraded to Snow Leopard. But the most recent TextMate update came through a couple days ago, and now TextMate will not launch. I get a dialog box telling me TextMate is not supported on this architecture, which is bizarre, since I am still running the same version of the OS I was running before the TextMate update.

I upgraded to Snow leopard and did a clean install but for some reason i am not able to register my license that I purchased back in march of this year. Am I the only person with this issue or is their a work around for this. Please keep in mind so far I have resorted to a second clean install but it still sees my key as a trial.

Crystal: You’ll have to re-download. It seems to happen for less than a per mille and I still have no idea why. See this ticket for my theory.

Felix: Please write support with your problem (as I told you on IRC as well :) ) — the only known problem related to registration is this one.

Allan, just a short thanks for the Snow Leopard tips until the update. Thanks also for the mac development. I work on a variety of unix machines for my job but only really enjoy one, the mac. I think Textmate has done for editors what Apple did for operating systems. The combination of a simple clean exterior with tons of power underneath.

Anyway, just wanted to say great job and I look forward to firing up the 2.0 release when it’s ready (or when you need some beta testers ;-) )


I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with the actual S.L.’s lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.