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Anything vaguely related to TextMate and macOS.

Alpha Tidbits

  • To create a new file you can use the shortcut ⌥⌘N to create a new tab, when you save this tab it will default to the current or selected directory in the sidebar. Update: When providing the file name (in the save dialog) you can use brace expansion to create multiple files, e.g.: MyView.{mm,h}.
  • The current release will submit non-anonymous crash reports so we can pinpoint problem areas in the alpha. This can be disabled in preferences if needed but it is a great help if you can leave it on.

Around the Web

  • Ernie Miller give a good overview of how to use rmate to edit files on a remote server.
  • David Lanham shows a detailed shot of the new icon he designed for us. Update: David has posted a comment about the process of coming up with the icon.

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