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Locating Bundles

One of the new features in 2.0 is the ability to install new bundles directly from the app. You can see the list of available bundles by opening preferences and going to the Bundles tab. Bundles installed from here will be kept up-to-date automatically. In addition if you try to open a filetype without having the correct bundle TextMate will offer to install it if available.

Also listed are a variety of theme bundles, you can filter list by clicking ‘Themes’ in the top bar. The Themes bundle is installed by default and includes a collection of themes from 1.x.

For the duration of the alpha we have kept the support files separated so both versions can be run without affecting the other. This means you will have to manually move over your personal bundles and any bundles not available in the installer.

Installing a Bundle

You can install a bundle by placing it in this directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Pristine Copy/Bundles/

When placed here TextMate will write any changes made in the bundle editor to a ‘delta’ bundle allowing you to update this copy without removing your customizations.

If this is your own bundle or you want to submit changes back to the bundle you should instead use:

~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Bundles/


  • The ~ character in these paths refers to your home directory (/Users/«yourname»/).
  • The Library folder under Lion is hidden by default, you can access it from the Go menu in Finder while holding down option.
  • The directories under Application Support may not exist on your system, should they not you should create them.

Converting a Theme

If you have a theme from 1.x you will need to move it into a bundle before using it with 2.0.

  1. Select Edit Bundles… from the Bundles menu and create a new bundle with ⌘N
  2. Edit the bundle info in the drawer and add a description of the theme in the main text area.
  3. Save your changes with ⌘S and then in Finder go to:

     ~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Bundles/

Right-click on the bundle and choose Show Package Contents.

  1. Add a new folder named Themes and put the theme(s) inside it.
  2. TextMate will automatically see your changes and the theme will be available under View → Theme.

Other Bundle Notes

  • Duplicate bundles installed at a higher level now completely eclipse the other bundle rather than being merged as in 1.x.
  • If you have a problem with a bundle please submit an issue at the appropriate bundle under the textmate user on Github.
  • If you would like to submit a change to a bundle most are available under the avian user on Github. You can fork the bundle and then send us a pull request.

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